[HFM (former HotForex): For beginners] Reasons and solutions for chicken profit taking

Isn't one of the words that traders often hear is chicken profit taking? This is often the case when you actually do chicken profit taking when you are actually a trader. So what kind of people tend to eat chicken profitably?

[HFM(formerly HotForex): For beginners] FX, stocks, virtual currency loss cut poverty and trade rules

Whether it is forex or stocks, loss cuts are common for traders. I think that there are probably many people who apply to this in the middle class car level. If it applies to you, there is a sure way to solve it, so try it.

[HFM(former HotForex): for beginners] Are professional traders and investors treated as unemployed?

There aren't that many professional traders in the first place. Perhaps because of that, there is a side of society that looks at us very harshly. There are no guarantees for a professional trader, so it is self-responsibility, and the reality is that it is easy to be treated in the same way as an unemployed person.

[HFM (formerly HotForex): For beginners] FX gold scalping is dangerous

There are a certain number of people who do not trade in foreign exchange even if they open an account with a Forex company. Gold and others also tend to be favored by trend followers due to their high volatility. However, you need to be careful when scalping.

[HFM(formerly HotForex): For beginners] Stock investment is recommended over slots and pachinko

Many gamblers are playing slots and pachinko. Many people have gambling addictions. It would be better for them to break away now and turn into a stock investment trader. There are clear reasons for this.

[HFM(former HotForex): For beginners] How stock traders get out of the office and estimated income

Stock traders have a lot of publicity, but most people are part-time traders. For that reason, the majority of people are working as office workers, but is it possible to leave the company and become a full-time trader? And how much income do you need?

[HFM (former HotForex): For beginners] What is XAUUSD? Difference from GOLD

Most Forex companies do not only deal with exchange rates. The same is true for HFM, and in addition to foreign exchange, we also handle precious metals, energy, and virtual currencies. Gold is a highly recommended investment product.

[HFM (former HotForex): For beginners] Difference between crude oil UKOIL and USOIL

HFM also allows CFD investment. Among them, crude oil is recommended. As everyone knows, crude oil is a resource that is in extremely high demand worldwide because it has become a daily necessity. WTI and Brent crudes are available for investment in HFM.

[HFM (former HotForex): For beginners] Stock investment pyramiding is difficult

One of the investment methods is pyramiding. This method is the so-called increase ball strategy, and it is a method that is used in both stocks and FX. However, if you are not used to this method to some extent, you will lose a lot of money, so you need to be careful.

[Exness: For Beginners] Are professional traders tough? Stop it?

Speaking of professional Forex traders, you may have a strong image of living an elegant life and living a very luxurious life every day. However, the reality is quite difficult, not everyone can easily do it, and the reality is that it is quite difficult to sustain.