HFM (formerly HotForex): Thorough explanation of leverage rules, maximum leverage, regulations, restrictions and conditions

HFM has a leverage of 1000 times, which is probably quite high among the world's Forex companies. This is partly why it has become a very popular Forex company, but on the other hand, there are rules regarding leverage, so there are points to note.

HFM (former HotForex): What is FPA? testimonials and reviews

HFM is one of the world's most respected Forex companies. ForexPeaceArmy is a very famous site that posts reviews of Forex companies around the world. The number of reviews exceeds 500, and most users give it a high rating. HFM has a fairly high percentage of positive reviews.

HFM (former HotForex): Bonus cushion function and rules Does the bonus mean anything?

HFM is considered to be a relatively bonus-rich broker among the world's Forex companies. Therefore, many people use HFM for bonuses, but be careful as there are unexpected pitfalls. Bonuses have rules, so make sure you understand them before using them.

HFM (former HotForex): What is FIX API? Features and application

Do you know what FIX API is? There are quite a few brokers among forex companies that offer this tool. It seems that it was originally used for stock trading, but now more and more foreign exchange traders use it, so if you want to use it, you should actually try it.

HFM (formerly HotForex): Swap point grant time and rules Calculation method and list

What are the rules for swap points in HFM? For long-term traders, the swap point should be a very interesting point. I will introduce you from the swap point to the calculation method, so I hope you can refer to it.

Exness: Gambling Trade Unlimited Leverage

Exness has a leverage of 2000 times, making it possible to trade in an environment of unlimited leverage. Conversely, by making good use of this high leverage, it is also possible to make gambling trades.

Exness:What is an Islamic account? Features and leverage, account types

Exness will be a Forex company that provides services all over the world. Therefore, there are users who believe in various races and various religions. For Muslims, there is an Islamic account, and it is possible to open an account by applying.

XM Trading: Reviews, Reputation, and Testimonials from Foreign Users

XM Trading provides trading services to Japanese users. Therefore, most of the users are Japanese, but foreign users are also using XM. So, I tried to gather what kind of opinions foreign users have.