BigBoss: A thorough explanation of overseas FX reviews, reputation, safety, advantages and disadvantages


This article provides a thorough explanation of the reviews, ratings, reputation, safety, advantages and disadvantages of the overseas FX broker BigBoss. Founded in 2013, this FX company provides services in various countries, mainly to Japanese users, and is a global FX company. All account types have a leverage of 1,111 times, so you can trade with a fairly high leverage.

Safety of BigBoss

BigBoss is an FX company established in 2013. It is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is operated by Prime Point LLC. It has a good reputation among traders and has not experienced any major problems or withdrawal refusals, so it can be said to be a very reliable company. It is a company with a good reputation in Japan, so you can trade without any problems. The target lot size is also high, so you can compete with the system. It is a popular company that is ranked higher than others and allows for high-value trades.

CompanyPrime Point LLC
Address1/F, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building James Street
Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines
LicenseSVG FSA

Holds a financial license

BigBoss holds a license from the Financial Services Agency. It has obtained SVG FSA from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority, so you can rest assured. In the case of BigBoss, the group companies are unknown, but it can be said to be a fairly reliable FX company. At the very least, the official website offers multiple luxurious bonuses, which are adopted and have something to look out for. There is a possibility that more licenses will be added in the future, so there are no disadvantages.

Segregated management

BigBoss has segregated management, so trader and customer funds will not be used without permission as business funds. There is also trust protection. In the unlikely event that BigBoss goes bankrupt and goes bankrupt, trader account assets will be refunded in full through the trustee. If there are no new violations, you can use the funds effectively yourself.

Warning from the Financial Services Agency of Japan

Bigboss has received a warning from the Financial Services Agency of Japan. Under Japanese law, it is considered dangerous for “overseas FX companies to provide services to Japanese residents.” However, that does not mean it is illegal. If the user is responsible for their own actions, they can use it freely. There is no suspicious solicitation, so you can rest assured.


About BigBoss’s features and services

I will summarize the features and services of BigBoss. You can choose between USD (US Dollar) and JPY (Japanese Yen) as the base currency, and since the leverage is high, it is easy to make a profit. The ECN method is adopted, and you can hold many positions on each platform. Try it once with a low, small amount. Even if you are worried about starting, you can rest assured. Since it is a major company, it is possible to use not only methods but also EA, long-distance, and even scalping. The terms are relatively loose and the burden is small in some areas.

Only three types of account

There are two main account types, but there are three in total. BigBoss’s account types can be selected from three different types: Standard Account, Pro Spread Account, and Deluxe Account. The Standard Account allows you to trade various CFDs in addition to currency pairs, and there is no transaction fee, but the spread is wide. The Pro Spread Account has a very narrow spread, although the transaction cost and transaction fee are charged in units of $9 for a round trip. The Deluxe Account is a new type that has recently appeared. It wouldn’t be a bad investment.

StandardPro SpreadDeluxe
Max Leverage1,1111,1112,222
Trade InstrumentsForex
Average Spread2.0~2.2pips0.9~1.2pips2.0~2.2pips
Min Lots0.010.010.01
Max Lots505050
Auto Trading
Margin Call50%50%50%
Loss Cut20%20%20%
Zero Cut
Trade ToolMT4
Base CurrencyJPY

In addition to this, there is a CRYPTOS account and BigBoss’ own cryptocurrency exchange, which was released in June 2022. Although it is only spot trading, there is a restriction that FX trading and CFD trading cannot be done with 1x leverage, but the number of cryptocurrencies exclusive to BigBoss is expected to increase in the future. The exchange also plans to hold token sales and airdrops.

Maximum leverage is 1111x

The maximum leverage is 1111x. However, there is a limit to the leverage. The leverage will automatically change depending on the account balance. Be careful when placing orders at the market. The Deluxe account allows for a maximum leverage of 2,222x and a stop loss level of 0%, but you must purchase enhanced items to apply the maximum leverage. You can trade in fluctuating markets even with a small amount of money.


About our products

There are a wide variety of products available, but compared to other companies, the number of products is limited. The Pro Spread account only handles FX currency pairs (major currencies, minor currencies, and exotic currencies). However, the Standard account has the following products, and you can trade FX currency pairs, precious metals, energy, stock indexes, and virtual currencies. You can trade according to your purpose from the screen.


The average spread is wide

The average spreads at Bigboss tend to be wide. The average spreads for a standard account look like this. After actually investigating and measuring, I found that they tend to be wide overall, but if you have a pro spread account, they are quite narrow. I highly recommend it because you can play with a wide range of discretion on major stocks. For real specs, the advanced pro spread is quite recommended. Access now and get started. It’s easy to make a profit in the short term even with the dollar/yen.

StandardPro Spread

There are stop loss and zero cut

The content has a setting and environment with loss cut and zero cut mechanisms when you start, so you can rest assured. Margin calls are triggered when the margin maintenance rate is below 50%, and loss cuts are triggered when the margin maintenance rate is below 20%. There is a zero cut system, so if your account balance becomes negative to a certain extent, Bigboss will compensate you instead. There will be no margin calls (debt). However, if you violate the terms and conditions, you will be excluded and your account will be frozen.

Trading tools are compatible with MT

Trading tools are compatible with MT. There are MT4, MT5, and BigBossQuickOrder (BBQ). The unique bbp app is simple and easy to use as a tool for beginners. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and you can trade with the app, so it is highly recommended.

Unique token “BigBoss Coin (BBC)”

There is a unique token “BigBoss Coin (BBC)”. On January 11, 2023, BigBoss introduced “BigBoss Coin (BBC)” on CRYPTOS, a virtual currency exchange operated by the company. There are benefits to holding BBC, and BBC can be used as margin, and there are services such as staking services and relaxed leverage restrictions.

Very comprehensive customer support

Customer support is very comprehensive. Phone calls are handled by callback. Emails can be accepted at any time, and live chat is available from 10:00 to 25:00 Japan time. Chat is available without waiting time, so you can get an immediate response.

Live Chat10:00~25:00(Japan Time)

There are campaigns and bonuses

There are promotions such as campaigns and bonuses. BigBoss offers two types of campaigns: regular campaigns and limited-time campaigns. Limited-time campaigns include account opening bonuses and deposit bonuses. BigBoss is a very easy-to-use bonus with a cushion function, so make use of it a little. Save it specifically and use it for your own trading. It can be used smoothly.

Abundant methods for depositing and withdrawing

There are a wide variety of methods for depositing and withdrawing. Credit cards, debit cards (VISA, JCB, Mastercard), online wallets (bitwallet, BXONE), virtual currencies, and bank transfers are supported. Deposits are basically free of charge, but withdrawal fees are a flat 2,000 yen in total. Both Bitcoin and financial institutions handle it in cash on weekdays, so it is highly recommended as it is easy to use and the basics are easy to use when choosing. It is appreciated that there is also a category for online wallets in general.

What about the actual reviews?

What are the actual reviews like? We’ve put together a list of some quotes from X (Twitter) so let’s take a look. As mentioned above, the operating company is very popular and you can make payments with 100% confidence. There are strict regulations in place, with accounts being frozen for malicious users.

You can open an account for free

You can open an account for free. Click the button on the link below to apply through the form. When applying, you will be required to provide basic details of your personal information (date of birth, phone number, address, email, etc.) as well as uploading identification documents (My Number card, driver’s license, passport) and address verification documents. Therefore, make sure to prepare them. The screening standards are high and it is safe. The server is currently stable, so you can trade as much as you like from your My Page. Be sure to check the terms of use and policies.


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