How to deposit money into Milton Markets FX account and fees

Milton Markets

This article explains Milton Markets’ bitwallet, deposit methods, fees, and procedures for domestic and international bank transfers, remittances, etc. There is also a deposit method that allows funds to be immediately reflected in your trading account, which is highly recommended. We will explain all deposit methods step by step.

Milton Markets deposit methods

To deposit money at Milton Markets, follow the steps below. First, please access my page. There are no fees, and the deposit should be reflected in one day at the latest. There may be fees charged by each payment method. The options are bank transfer, virtual currency (USDT), or bitwallet.

commissionDeposit reflection time
bank transferfree1 business day
USDTfree1 business day

Select deposit method

First, click the Deposit into Account button from the My Page screen on the official website. Please note that depending on the nature of your investment, you may incur losses. After you have achieved some results with trading currency pairs, make a large amount.

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A page listing methods for depositing funds will be displayed. Choose your favorite method. Details can be found on the next page. Consider the conditions, the amount you want to deposit as margin, and the reflection time.

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To make deposits and withdrawals, you need to register a wallet. Register a wallet according to the deposit/withdrawal method. Select your email address, name, and country name and complete the upload.

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For domestic bank remittance, select Japanese domestic bank remittance, enter the account name, account type, account number, bank name, bank code, branch number, and branch name, and complete the upload. It’s easy to apply because you fill it out in Roman letters.

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Bitwallet deposit method

To deposit to Bitwallet, enter the deposit amount and the deposit information will be displayed, so if there is no problem, you will be transferred to Bitwallet and log in. If there is no problem with the remittance amount, please make the payment.

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Bank transfer payment method

Select bank transfer, select the payment destination, and press “Next”. The domestic bank transfer destination will be displayed, so please make the transfer. After that, if you send an email to from your registered email address along with the account number you wish to deposit, we will process it manually.

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Virtual currency (USDT) deposit method

Before making a deposit, please provide your name, account number, expected deposit amount, and USDT address to Now you can begin the process.


We have researched frequently asked questions regarding deposits and will introduce them below. There are also bonuses and campaigns going on, so be sure to check them out and take advantage of them. Deposits can be made 24 hours a day during business hours. Be sure to trade safely, as you may incur large losses and lose your funds.

How long does it take for my deposit to be reflected?

The time it takes for the deposit to be reflected is instantaneous if it is a BitWallet, but it may take one business day if it is other than that. In some cases, it may take several days.

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

Minimum deposit amounts vary depending on account type. FLEX account: 10,000 yen, SMART account: 30,000 yen, ELITE account: 1 million yen.

Is there a deposit fee required?

There are basically no fees.

Is it possible to transfer funds between accounts?

It is possible to transfer funds between accounts. This is possible from My Page under “Fund Management” → “Fund Transfer”.


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