XMTrading:What to do when you forget the server name MT4/MT5 Confirmation method explanation


When you open an account with XM, each account is assigned a server. However, many people say that they forgot the server name. This article explains how to check the server name. In the worst case, you can also contact the support center.

The server number will be sent to you via email when you open an account.

Do you still have the email sent from XM when you opened your account? The server number is listed there. Please check your email. If you have the email below, you will know the server name. This information is the same whether it is a demo account or if you add or change an account. Once the setup is complete, you will receive an email from the management with all the details. The screen looks like the one below.

Check the server name on the member page

You can also check the server number on the member page. After logging in to XM, expand the My Account Overview and the horizontal arrow on the left side of your account. Here is an overview for each account number. Check the second row for the server name.

Contact support center

If you do not understand the above two, please ask the support center. If you do not know the server name, you cannot trade on MT4 and MT5. Email us at support@xmtrading.com. Live chat is faster if you can log in to XM.

Where are XM’s servers located?

XM is headquartered on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, and is licensed in the Seychelles, but its server center is located in London. Therefore, since the majority of XMTrading users are from Asia, it is possible that some delays may occur. When comparing companies, XM is quite stable. The situation is stable whether you are using a computer or a smartphone.

server down

XM has experienced server down times. However, during the Swiss franc shock, the economy recovered very quickly and trading was able to resume. When trading with XM, you don’t need to worry too much about server crashes. This may happen if it is not in a valid state. Also, please check your internet connection as there is a possibility that your account will be frozen due to line interruption or prohibited activities. Also take a look at our complete FAQ guide on the official website.


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