XMTrading: Trading on a tablet MT4, MT5 installation and download, how to use, how to deal with it


XMTrading can be accessed from a mobile device using a tablet PC or smartphone app to trade with MT4. When you think of trading, you have the image of doing it on a smartphone or PC, but in today’s world, trading is now possible in a variety of environments. This time I am writing about trading using a tablet at XM.

XMTrading can be traded on a tablet

XM allows you to trade on your tablet. XM’s official page has “XM Droid Trader” compatible with MT5 Android mobile/tablet and “XM Droid Trader” compatible with MT4 Android mobile/tablet. Both can be downloaded from the official page. Details will be explained on the screen. Setting up new orders is also possible on metatrader. It can also be operated from an iPhone.

For the Japanese version, please see the image below. You can download it by accessing it in the Platform → Tablet column as follows. You can add it on app store or google play. Don’t worry, it’s free, so there’s no risk. You can operate it from your computer or smartphone. Just tap. If members have any questions, they can consult the support page.

The English version can also be downloaded from the platform → tablet column.

Available terminals in XMTrading

Target as a device is fully available for Android and iPad. Android tablets can use both MT4 and MT5. Choose the one you like and install it. MT5 is the only app available for Apple’s iPad. There is no MT4 for iPad. Basic functions and financial products can be used in the same way. You can also use a demo account by registering an account. You can start it by just tapping the icon, so get it and use it. This is recommended as it has very few restrictions.

Notes on installation

When opening an account, there is an option to select whether to use MT4 or MT5. If you choose MT4, you can only use MT4. If you choose MT5, you can only use MT5. Please install the app you selected when opening your account. Also, if the installation is troublesome, if you wish, webtrader is also provided on the above page and you are allowed to use it, so you can use it immediately.

How to login to MT4/MT5

To log in to MT4/MT5, you will need an “account ID”, “server number” and “password”. The account ID and connection server are listed in the email you receive when you open an account, so be sure to check it. If you do not know either of these, your login will fail. Your account information was obtained when you registered and you will receive an email, so please open it and check it.

Trade on the go

Now you can trade Forex and CFDs from your smartphone or tablet. You can trade not only XM but also other Forex brokers just by installing the MT4/MT5 app. We are now in an era where it is possible to trade with both sales staff and delivery drivers.


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