easyMarkets: Dormant accounts and account cancellation/withdrawal methods Can I re-register?


We will introduce how to withdraw and cancel your account if you have been doing f trading for a long time with an easyMarkets FX account. If you have no plans to do it anymore, or even do not plan to do net trading, if you want to delete your account, we recommend canceling your membership. We will explain the procedures and conditions in that case.

dormant account

easyMarkets has something called dormant accounts. This applies to accounts that have not had any transactions for 12 months. The account will be frozen and a $25 account maintenance fee will be charged every 6 months. If your account balance is less than $25, the entire balance will be deducted, but if your account has a zero balance, there will be no fee. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving your account unattended.

If your account becomes dormant and you wish to reactivate it, you will need to contact our support center to have it canceled. The following article provides information on how to contact the support center.

How to cancel and withdraw your account

If you no longer plan to trade, you will need to close your account and withdraw your membership. easyMarkets does not allow users to perform such operations. Therefore, you will need to contact the support center introduced above to cancel your membership. However, please be aware of the following when canceling your membership.

All withdrawals

You cannot close your account or withdraw your membership if there is a balance in your account. Please withdraw all your money before applying. If you do not do this, you will not be able to begin the process.

Holding position

It is absolutely not possible to cancel a position while it is held. Please make sure to close your position immediately. Then try to cancel the contract.

Stop leaving your account unattended

If you have no plans to trade with easyMarkets, it is better to cancel or withdraw from your account instead of leaving it alone. The reason is that there is a risk of your account being hijacked by someone you don’t know. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving it alone.

Is it possible to re-register?

easyMarkets allows you to register again even if you delete your account. If you re-register, all user information will have been deleted and you will have to start over from the beginning. Please refer to the article below for instructions on how to open an account.

Additional accounts and demo accounts are also available.

easyMarkets allows you to add accounts and also has a demo account. Investors around the world benefit from having multiple active accounts, which allow them to move, manage and separate their strategies. There is also an official guide, so please check it out when you have time. If you are starting out as an individual for the first time, we recommend starting with a demo account. It is possible to learn properly from the basics. If there is a loss, there is a loss cut, and if it becomes negative, there is also a zero cut. We also have extensive support, so you can consult us even if you have no knowledge.

About the trading platform

Currently, there are unique trading platforms such as option trading, and MT4 is also provided and you can use the tools. For details on the unique platform environment, changing indicators, and screen operations, we recommend accessing the customer support page from the site map and asking how to use it in real time chat. It is attractive because once you have made a profit, you can withdraw the money within the allowable range and there will be no refusals. We have a wide range of products such as foreign exchange.

Lots of bonuses and campaigns

easyMarkets has a wide range of services such as new bonuses, promotions, seasonal campaigns, cashback and VIP. The campaigns offered by these companies are the same as those of other companies, and are wide-ranging. It is listed on the official website, so let’s check it out. A highly rated broker.

have a financial license

easyMarkets has a new financial license and is partially regulated, so you can trade safely. There is no Financial Services Agency license in Japan. If you are having trouble choosing a Forex company, you may want to consider this point when making your decision. When you register, your documents will be reviewed, so you can choose your own password. A summary will be communicated in the news each time.


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