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easyMarkets is used by many traders all over the world. Meanwhile, the support center will provide solutions to traders’ concerns and troubles, so please make use of it. Our support center supports many languages.

About easyMarkets features and functions

easyMarkets was founded in 2001 and has added many features since then. You can start trading immediately by uploading your certificate (driver’s license, passport), completing the document submission, and activating it. You can also create additional accounts. It also has a financial license and is regulated, so it is reliable. Compared to gemforex, ironfx, bigboss, exness, axiory, xm, fbs, threetrader, fxgt, etc., it has a richer overall service.

maximum leverage

The maximum leverage is 400x, allowing for fairly high-risk trades. Furthermore, as introduced on the official website, there is also a VIP service where traders can receive generous customer support. Unique option features such as dealcancellation, easytrade, and vanilla are also provided. There are many stocks such as virtual currencies and FX currency pairs. You can also download your transaction history.

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

Deposit and withdrawal methods include bank transfer, stickpay, credit card, and Bitcoin. Bonuses and campaigns, as well as cashback and points are held, and there are quite a lot of promotions, and there is a cushion function, so you can trade with just the bonus as margin. The platform also has Metatrader tools, and MT4 and MT5 are available.

Abundant account types

There are various types such as standard accounts and premium accounts, and pips and spreads range from narrow to wide, fixed to floating. In addition, MT4 and MT5 are available as platforms, and indicators and chart analysis are also possible. There are also demo accounts and corporate accounts. You can also trade currency pairs, gold and silver. No slippage or contract rejection will occur.

Loss cut and zero cut

If you incur a loss, the stop-loss limit will apply. If the balance becomes negative, the zero cut system will be applied without margin call. You can reduce risk. There are many financial products available, and the advantage is that automatic trading is possible, as well as scalping and double trading. You can enter many lots and hold many positions.

Full of support

Investors will receive support to the extent permissible, such as account login, profile and My Page operations, investment questions, document submission when opening an account, taxation, password settings, demo accounts, etc., depending on the purpose and conditions. You can contact us. In some cases, you can also check with VIP services. There is also a detailed guide on the official website.

Languages supported by the support center

The Support Center supports the following languages. Here is some information. Once you register, you can get support in the language of the country you live in. If you are not familiar with the official procedures, please consult with us. Support is available for customers who have registered and completed the fees, funds, amount, etc. when starting out, and is in accordance with our company’s policy. You can rest assured that you will not receive any strange solicitations. You can continue to ask support questions via chat from the screen. News and other information is also posted, so be sure to check it out. Be sure to check the regulations and policies as well.

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Italy
  • German
  • Portuguese

Support center inquiry method

The following methods are available for inquiries: You can also make inquiries from the menu after logging in, and you can consult with us about anything that cannot be resolved by yourself. Even first-time users can ask questions about the environment, usage, surveys, password resets, address proof (submission of utility bills, etc.), and unlimited leverage. By applying and submitting your request, the person in charge in your nearest region will provide you with guidance and answers. You may be asked for your date of birth to confirm your identity.

EmailAvailable 24 hours a day (responses may take several days)
PhoneOnly available during business hours (weekdays)
Live ChatReal-time support (only during business hours)
FacebookSupported via chat function within Facebook (only during business hours)
WahtsappSame as live chat support

How to contact the support center

To contact us, first go to the easyMarkets official page. Click on the mark at the bottom right of the website. You can access the management from the contact platform and contact us now. Do it yourself, not on behalf of others. We always respond to individual and specific cases. Support is not available for those residing in countries that are not covered. When you try to start stocks or CFDs, they will teach you how to operate them.

Source: https://www.easymarkets.com/

You can contact us using the five methods described above.

Source: https://www.easymarkets.com/


+357 99 875 998 is the phone number, so please add it on Whatsapp. Available Monday to Friday 8:00-22:00 GMT+2.


Facebook has a messenger function. Please contact us through the easyMarkets Facebook page. Available Monday to Friday 8:00-22:00 GMT+2.


For telephone calls, the destination is already selected by default. You can make a call right away by tapping on your smartphone, but the service hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00-22:00, GMT+2. However, you can request a call back. By filling out the form below, a member of our staff will contact you later.

Source: https://www.easymarkets.com/


You can also email easyMarkets. It often takes a few days for a reply, so we don’t recommend it in urgent cases. Please send using the form.

Source: https://www.easymarkets.com/

live chat

In the case of live chat, we do not know if the staff will be able to respond in real time. Additionally, we may not have staff who can speak your language in real time. In that case, please note that you will have to use a translation app etc. to communicate.

Source: https://www.easymarkets.com/

You can open an account for free

EasyMarkets allows you to open an account for free. There is no risk, so if you are interested, please open an account. Create a profile by entering your postal code, prefecture, address, etc. You can activate and approve your real account by submitting and uploading your ID such as a passport. You can also open it from your smartphone. You can trade once your My Page is opened.


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