Exness: FX account troubleshooting: Dealing with garbled characters in MT4 and MT5


When trading with Exness, I think that there are times when the characters become garbled. I often get garbled characters when I buy language settings, etc. Is there a solution for this? And when will it become garbled?

Mac user

Many people who trade on MT4 and MT5 get garbled characters. In fact, there is a common point in this, and this phenomenon appears in many people who use Mac. MT4 and MT5 are developed on the premise that they will be used on Windows, and because Windows fonts are used, they will not be displayed correctly on Mac and the characters will be garbled.


If you want to display without garbled characters on a Mac computer, the easiest way is to install a font for Windows on your Mac computer. Operates a computer running Windows OS. Open Control Panel → Customize Desktop → Font, copy it, save it to a USB memory or external HDD, etc., and paste it to the folder containing the fonts on your Mac computer. And after that, try restarting your Mac device. It is OK as long as it is not garbled.

Change language in language settings

As a result of changing the language after setting the language in MT4 or MT5, garbled characters may occur. For example, the moment you change from English to French, the characters displayed on the PC terminal you are trading with become garbled. In this case, you need to check the language of the PC you are using and the language of MT4 and MT5.


In this case, please check the supported languages of the PC terminal and the supported languages of MT4 and MT5. For example, even if you set Spanish on your PC terminal, garbled characters will occur if MT4 or MT5 does not support Spanish. The same is true for the reverse pattern. Also, it is necessary to unify the display language on both sides. If there is a mismatch, there is a high probability that garbled characters will occur. Select “Region” in the clock and region folder from the control panel of the PC terminal. The region window will be displayed, but let’s check if the “language setting” in the “format” tab matches MT4, MT5.

Also, if you have changed the language display settings due to the above, please try restarting MT4 and MT5. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your PC. If you still get the error, you need to install the appropriate font pack for your operating system according to your language.

Garbled account name

When logging into the Exness MT4 and MT5 apps, the phenomenon of garbled characters rarely occurs. This seems to be caused by not changing the nickname of the account when opening the account.


Let’s tap “Change account name” of the corresponding account from the personal area of Exness. Be sure to enter the account nickname in English. When you are done, tap “Change account name”. If you change the account name and open MT4 again, the garbled characters in the account name should be fixed. Do this for as many accounts as you have. Even if you restart MT4/MT5, the garbled characters will not improve. You will need to log in to each account again.


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