Exness: A housewife loses a lot of money trading Forex. Should she divorce her husband?


Nowadays, housewives earn money through FX, but some lose tens of millions of dollars, go bankrupt, and later get divorced. . Nowadays, just because you’re a housewife, it’s no longer okay to just stay at home and do nothing. However, there are cases where housewives engage in Forex trading, lose a lot of money, and end up getting divorced.

Is it OK for housewives to do FX?

There is no problem with housewives doing FX. FX itself is not regulated by law based on gender or occupation, so it is possible to do it without any problems. However, there are many women who do FX without telling their husbands. In some cases, there is a risk of family breakdown, so you need to be careful. If you are a beginner, you should start with demo trading. You are an adult, so make your own decision on whether to do it or not. We will introduce the points and details of the information in a list. If you hear that it is good, then try it. Basic knowledge of stocks and FX is essential. Buy and read books to succeed.

Husband’s name so as not to be out of support

In the case of housewives, they are often not subject to taxation in the first place. For that reason, there are housewives who trade FX under their husband’s name, and there is no particular problem with this. However, if profits exceed a certain level, tax returns will be required, so the husband will be taxed if he makes any money. If the wife incurs a loss, there will be no taxation. Make sure to cut losses appropriately. If you are interested in financial asset management and money, the basic thing to do is to start by discussing the amount.

Benefits of a full-time housewife doing FX

The benefits of trading FX as a full-time housewife are as follows. In Japan, there are people who get married and increase their income through work and save money, but if they lose tens of millions of dollars or more, they may even consider seeking advice and getting a divorce. I’ll give you my opinion. In the beginning, it is normal to work and earn money while studying in order to continue. To avoid regrets in retirement, start saving money as you can and then trade whenever you like.

Start with your smartphone

Forex used to be done on a PC, but now we have smartphones. As long as you have this, you can start trading FX right away, so the hurdles are really low. You can also trade with your smartphone when you are away from home, so you can do it very easily.

Trade in your spare time

The exchange market is open 24 hours a day, so if you are a housewife, you can trade by using your free time. When I say Forex, I get the impression that I’m stuck on the screen all the time looking at charts, but when I’m busy, I can place pre-orders, so that’s no problem. Therefore, there is no problem during the child-rearing period.

Trade from a small amount

Forex can also be traded from a small amount. Since there is a system called leverage, it is possible to suddenly make a large amount of money from a small amount. But it can also be the other way around, so be careful.

A housewife does FX and loses a lot

Housewives may lose a lot by doing FX. This is caused by putting in too many lots or suddenly using a large amount of funds. If you lose a lot, you will have a lot of family problems. Note the following points.

divorce risk

There are many cases where you lose a lot by trading with a lot of money without telling your husband. As a result, there are countless families that have broken up and ended up in divorce. Of course, in this case, the daughter-in-law has a problem, so she will have to persuade her husband at any cost.

family breakdown

I used a lot of money to trade without telling my family, and I lost a lot, making it difficult to make a living. This makes it difficult to raise a child, and in some cases it can lead to the breakdown of the family. Don’t spend a lot of money in the first place, as it will create rifts in your home.

abandoned by children

There is a possibility that you will be abandoned by your own children because you have made a big loss by spending a lot of money on the trade without telling your family. By making a big loss, the cohesion within the family is disturbed, and there are many families who cannot even talk after that.

personal bankruptcy

There are also cases where a large amount of money is spent on a trade without telling the family, resulting in personal bankruptcy due to a large loss. If you can’t pay the mortgage, the house will be foreclosed and put up for auction. And you will be evicted from your home and your assets will be gone.

Let’s do FX with a small amount

FX is something you can do with a small amount of money. It is common to start trading with small amounts and gradually accumulate money. If you can’t do this, you shouldn’t do it. FX has the potential to make a lot of money, but it also has the potential to cause a lot of loss. FX is an investment that is not suitable for those who engage in gambling trading. If you are currently losing money and are in a difficult financial situation, first accumulate experience and knowledge until you can start making money. Anyone can become a professional if they continue in life.

Exness is for scalping

Exness is for scalping. This is because the spread is extremely narrow. Therefore, if you like scalping, please register with Exness and start trading. Since opening an account is free, please refer to the following article to open an account.


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