Exness: Account types suitable for FX scalping, advantages, disadvantages, summary explanation of prohibitions


Exness, an overseas FX company, has scalping trading, and we will explain in this article whether you can take advantage of unlimited leverage or whether it is prohibited. It is known as a company with very narrow spreads. The spreads are very narrow among FX companies in the world, so it is the most recommended company for traders who mainly do scalping trades. What account type is suitable?

What kind of FX company is Exness?

Exness is famous as a FX company with extremely narrow average spreads (pips). There are many stocks (FX currency pairs, precious metals (gold), energy, stock indexes, virtual currencies (Bitcoin)), and the maximum leverage is 2000 times. The fees are low, but there are almost no bonuses or campaigns. However, the stop loss is 0, and traders can trade up to zero margin, so discretion is required from the trader. You can also use automatic trading tools (EA), and various tools are available for free on the official website.

The trading environment is favorable

The trading platform supports MT4 and MT5, which are famous in the industry. Furthermore, the ordering environment is optimal and there are no slippages or rejections. Speedy settlement is also possible, and if the unrealized loss is large after entry and the account balance becomes negative due to a loss, a zero cut will also occur. Due to high leverage, you can trade with small amounts. Both buildings are also possible.

5 account types

Currently, there are 5 rich and wide-ranging account types, and you can choose the one that suits you best according to the market price and trade with each one with high leverage. It has a wide variety of account types and brands compared to XM, FXGT, bigboss, axiory, titanfx, iforex, fbs, threetrader, etc. It is also possible to create additional accounts, giving you a high degree of freedom. Usually transaction costs are also kept low and cheap.

also holds a license

Exness holds a financial license, so safety is guaranteed. You can rest assured that the operating company has minimum regulations in place. Business is closed during the year-end and New Year holidays, but trading is possible from early morning until late at night. It is possible to trade with relatively high leverage, and the maximum leverage is 2000x. We also have corporate accounts and Islamic accounts, so we are in a top-class, privileged environment.

What is scalping trading?

Scalping is a trading method that involves repeating small buys and sells in seconds or minutes to accumulate profits. In other words, it is a very short-term trade, and it is a strategy that aims for the price range in a short period of time. This is highly recommended during periods of economic indicators with very high volatility. In order to aim for profits with scalping, you will need the ability to analyze chart movements and instantly analyze trends, as well as techniques to quickly buy and sell. Also, in scalping trading, payment timing is everything, so if you can’t concentrate on the chart, you will hardly be able to win.

scalping is difficult

It is not easy for beginner investors to make profits through scalping. After all, if you make a mistake at the timing of payment, you will end up with a huge loss. If you don’t take profits as soon as you get a reasonable price range, the trend will often change quickly. If you are a beginner, it is better to lower the lot to the lowest level first before trading.

Currency pairs that are actively traded

Currencies with low price movements such as the Swiss Franc or Australian Dollar are not recommended for scalping trading. This is because it is quite difficult to aim for a price range in a short period of time unless it is a currency pair with rapid price movements such as the euro or pound. Therefore, scalping trades basically need to be in major currencies.

Reduce lots

The main premise of scalping trading is to do it with small lots. Especially in the case of scalping targeting economic indicators, if you put in too many lots, all your funds will disappear as soon as there is a reversal. Since there is considerable risk, it is an absolute requirement to always lower the lot to the lowest level.

Account types suitable for scalping trades

The spread difference for each account type is summarized in the following article. We are comparing spreads in FX currency pairs between accounts, so I think it will be helpful. The recommended account types for scalping are raw spread accounts, zero accounts, and pro accounts.

Is scalping prohibited?

Exness does not prohibit scalping trades. This is not only scalping in discretionary trading, but also scalping in automatic trading. So don’t think there are any restrictions. However, be aware of the following drawbacks.

Time when the spread widens

Spreads can be very wide during times of important economic indicators or when very large political events occur. This happens no matter which Forex company you use, so you should be careful.

Leverage limit

Exness has unlimited leverage, but if the balance exceeds $ 1000, the leverage limit will work. However, even if restrictions are applied, it is possible to trade with high leverage of at least 500 times.

low commitment

Exness is not very server strong. Maybe that’s why the contract power is a little low. You should also consider the possibility of being disadvantageous in scalping.

Why scalping is good for Exness

Why is Exness said to be suitable for scalping trading? The reasons for this include: This company is a popular and highly ranked broker. The leverage offered by the operation is high, and positions can be held with narrower spreads than others, making it highly efficient and convenient to set up. Therefore, the system can thoroughly utilize scalping.

Unlimited leverage

Exness has a system called unlimited leverage. This is a great advantage for traders, and you can take a momentary price range by increasing leverage and doing scalping trades.

Very narrow spreads

As introduced in the above article, Exness is famous for its extremely narrow spreads. This will allow you to have a fairly favorable fight in scalping trades. If you go forward a little, you can get a big price range.

Loss cut level

Exness has a loss cut level of 0%. Therefore, the loss cut rate of 0% is very compatible with scalping. The advantage is that the position can be maintained until the full loss.

zero cut

Exness does not specifically prohibit trading using zero cuts, so no matter how many times you cut zeros, it will not be a margin call. Traders can trade on very favorable terms because there is no risk of incurring debt.

Recommended currency pairs for scalping trades

The most important point in scalping trading is to choose a product with a currency pair (euro dollar, dollar yen, etc.) that has a very narrow spread difference in terms of specs. In particular, the following carefully selected currency pairs are recommended because the spread difference is very narrow. It is advantageous if you consider the following currency pair trends along with the 5 account types. If you have a lot of experience and knowledge, you can earn unrealized profits almost immediately, making it easy to make money.


Recommendation to open an account

We recommend opening an account with Exness. Exness is a FX company that specializes in a very scalping trading style, so enjoy very narrow and minimal spreads. You can earn money in a short period of time by doing many times and making small round trips. We also have a license from the Financial Services Agency and are safe. In the market, be sure to decide on your stop-loss line. Because prices always spread and fluctuate.


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