Exness: Precautions and prohibitions in Exness FX trading Possibility of account freezing and withdrawal refusal Thorough explanation


In Exness trading, there are rules prohibiting both transactions, so we will explain the possibility of withdrawal refusal in the article. There are rules when it comes to trading. Even when it comes to trading, you can’t just say everything is OK. Please be careful because if you violate the prohibitions, you may be subject to penalties such as withdrawal refusal or account freezing.

Exness is less restrictive

According to information about the popular Exness, it can be said that compared to other FX companies and traders in the industry, there are relatively few prohibited items. At many Forex companies, the following transactions are prohibited by their terms of service, so we have summarized the issues. Loss cuts and zero cuts are also implemented, but if they are violated, some currencies held may not be accepted for settlement even if there is a loss. Even professionals need to be careful in advance, so acquire knowledge.

  • Hedged trading using multiple accounts
  • Large lot scalping trade
  • High leverage trade aimed only at the time of economic indicator announcement
  • Trades aimed at window filling only
  • Arbitrage

In addition to the above, many companies set rules for the entry of double-sided or scalping trades for risk hedging, but Exness is effective and does not prohibit anything anymore. You can rest assured that Exness is a company with a high degree of freedom. Even beginners can make money using these funds.

Prohibited matter

In Exness, the following are completely prohibited. Overseas Forex companies tend to have fewer restrictions, and Exness is no different. Although there are no bonuses, the spreads are narrow, and the company has very good reviews and reputation. Prohibited items have advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to check the official website as well, as there are precautions posted there. I will explain the reasons for each prohibition one by one.

self affiliate

Exness has an affiliate program. However, affiliates are not allowed to open accounts and start trading from their own links. This is commonly referred to as cashback, but of course it is a prohibited act. Please be aware that there is a good chance that your account will be frozen or withdrawals will be refused.

Trading with server errors or rate delays

When there is a big incident or event in the world, the server is crowded, and trading tools such as MT4 and MT5 may experience server errors and rate delays. Even if you trade for such server errors or rate delays, you cannot withdraw your profits. This is because it will be judged as profits obtained from illegal trading.

No limits on scalping

Scalping that traders are most likely to do. Some forex companies forbid this, but Exness allows it. However, in reality, there is a stop level for each currency pair, and the spread differs depending on the account type, so it is disadvantageous depending on the trader’s method.

Hedged transaction

In a two-sided trade, you buy and sell at the same time, pull profits on one side, and quickly cut losses on the other side. Many Forex companies do not allow this, but it is OK through Exness’ management. Exness allows double-sided trading, both within Exness accounts and between other companies’ accounts.


Exness also allows arbitrage trading. In fact, arbitrage trading is the gold medallion for most Forex companies. But Exness allows it. Exness allows you to develop an arbitrage trading strategy, so why not give it a try.

Possibility of withdrawal refusal or account freeze

Of course, if you break the prohibitions, there is a good chance that withdrawals will be refused or your account will be frozen, but if you follow the rules, there is almost no possibility of your account being frozen. Exness is a company that is rough and has a high degree of freedom. It’s a rule that is overwhelmingly better than other companies.

automatic trading

Automated trading is not prohibited. There are many cases where other FX brokers prohibit automatic trading, but Exness has no restrictions at all, so it is OK. Maximum leverage is unlimited and the spread is said to be the narrowest in the world, so we recommend it.

If you violate the prohibitions

Exness allows you to maintain positions up to the margin maintenance rate of 0, but it is a very good broker because the commission fee is low and you can use EA. However, if you violate any of the prohibited items, you may be subject to the following penalties, so please be careful. Selling and buying orders in the market, and the system environment will become unusable due to violation of terms and conditions. Details will need to be negotiated with support. We will check and understand the situation, and depending on the cause, restrictions may be lifted as a result.

account freeze

There is a risk that accounts that violate the prohibitions will be frozen. In this case, you will not be able to use the relevant account and your deposits and withdrawals may be stopped, so you will need to be prepared. In this case, you will not be able to use the account until it is canceled, so please give up.

Freeze account

Exness allows you to create multiple accounts within an account, but there is a possibility that your account may be frozen. Such actions will be taken against users who engage in extremely malicious behavior, but in this case they will no longer be able to use Exness in the first place. You’ll probably give up and use another broker.

Withdrawal refused

If a user whose account has been hijacked or otherwise reports it, the account may be locked. As a result, your withdrawal will be refused. In this case, you will not be able to make deposits as well as withdrawals, so you will not be able to use Exness.

What to do if your account is frozen

If your account is frozen, you will need to negotiate with the support center to have it removed. Depending on how you negotiate with the support center, you may not get your money back, but since you have violated the rules, you have no choice but to give up. The support center is introduced in the article below, so please refer to it.


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