Exness:Exness FX Leverage Unlimited and Restricted Leverage Regulations and Condition Rules Thorough Explanation


At Exness, you can trade with unlimited leverage and a loss cut level of 0%, so we will explain how to do so in this article. Certain conditions are required to satisfy unlimited leverage. We have summarized the specific conditions and restrictions in an article. In addition to its high leverage, Exness has received high praise for its spread and execution power.

Unlimited leverage

The maximum leverage of Exness is 2.1 billion times, and it is famous as “unlimited leverage”. That’s not all. Exness has a loss cut level of 0% margin maintenance rate, so it is possible to hold positions until the margin is reached. Exness allows you to trade in many products such as currency pairs, precious metals, virtual currencies, CFDs, gold, silver, stocks, etc. However, trading is not zero risk as you may lose your funds. There is no bonus, but users can choose leverage such as 20x, 100x, 400x, etc.

FX CompanyMax LeverageLoss Cut
exnessNo Limit0%

Unlimited leverage conditions

The maximum leverage is 2000x for all account types immediately after opening the account, and as stated on the official website, you can trade with unlimited leverage by meeting all of the following conditions. By meeting the applicable rules, large leverage trades will be applied and provided to financial products including exotic currency pairs. However, in reality, there are not only advantages but also negative factors, and the impact is significant as there is a possibility of large losses.

Trade at least 10 times with a real account

Unlimited leverage conditions at a broker can be achieved by ordering and completing 10 positions in markets such as USD, palladium, platinum, etc. with a real account. Please note that this new entry for the above position does not include limit orders. This is a very low hurdle, so it can be said that anyone can meet it immediately. Spreads may widen depending on the time of day, so be sure to check the news for detailed information on economic indicators.

A total of 5 lots traded on a real account

The unlimited leverage condition is to complete order settlement of 5 lots. It is not necessary to achieve 5 lots in one entry, and it is OK to enter the position in multiple times. This is a cumulative conversion, so it is OK as long as you meet the conditions for all accounts you hold with Exness. Furthermore, it has high leverage, so you can increase your funds at once with multiple different stocks depending on the case.

Margin less than 00

For reference, in the operation of Exness, if you do not trade with a margin of less than $1000, it will be automatically limited to less than 2000 times. Effective margin includes not only the account balance but also unrealized gains and losses, so be careful when making profits. The first limit occurs at approximately $999, so be careful with the price. Start small and make good use of it. You can trade in Forex from Monday to Saturday.

~999$Un Limited

How to change leverage

I will explain how to change leverage. First, please log in to My Page in your personal area. You can start responding with the official system. Make settings according to your margin. If it is small, a lot of margin will be required, and if it is large, it will be better to have less margin.

Home Page

Once you are in My Account, click on the gear icon for your account in your personal area. You can change the magnification by clicking “Change Maximum Leverage”.

Source : https://exness.com/

It is possible to change to various magnifications such as unlimited and 2,000 times. However, if the condition is not released, you can not set it indefinitely, so let’s achieve the condition first.

Source : https://exness.com/

Leverage limits and regulations

Exness has restrictions, so please be careful when trading. There are restrictions on products, brands, trading hours, etc. There are various restrictions as listed below, so please be careful when making transactions. Due to leverage regulations, trading on weekends and holidays will also be partially affected. Economic indicators are also regulated. The impact on scalping and high-volatility virtual currencies (Litecoin, Ethereum) will also be significant. There are also regulations regarding brands, so check them out.

Product Leverage Limit

Exness has additional limits on leverage levels that are fixed for each product, so please be careful when trading. This is not only true for Exness, but other brokers such as xmtrading, titanfx, bigboss, threetrader, and fxgt have similar regulations. Products will also have an impact not only on virtual currencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, but also on all market prices such as indexes, energy, and crude oil. Only FX currency pairs are excluded.

Currency PairLeverage
FX currency pair (major currency)Unlimited
Forex Currency Pairs (Exotic Currencies)200
NY Dow, S&P500, Nasdaq400
stock index200
US stocks20
virtual currency400

Leverage limit by equity balance

Exness is limited by your equity balance. The balance of equity is calculated not only with the balance in the account but also with unrealized gains and losses, so the magnification may change while you have a position.

Equity balanceLeverage

Leverage limits around economic indicators

Exness will have its leverage adjusted and limited before and after the release of economic indicators. Please note that the 200x limit is always applied 15 minutes before and 5 minutes after the announcement of important economic indicators. For example, when announcing interest rate policy, it is important to pay close attention to certain important indicators such as the US unemployment rate, CPI, and even GDP. Pay close attention to specific economic indicators during weekdays. In general, high-value transactions are dangerous and should be avoided.

Leverage limit release

If Exness has applied a leverage limit, you will need to take steps to change it yourself. To remove the restriction, you can easily change it in My Account, but you need to change it every time the restriction is applied.


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