Exness: How to choose an account type and start trading


After opening an Exness account, you must open a trading account. Select your account type and start trading. Here are the steps. Beginners are often unfamiliar with it, so please refer to it.

trading account

First, log in.

Home Page

Select “Open Account” in Personal.

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Then, you can select the account type, so please open the account you want to use. You can open an account with the yellow button.

standard account

The standard account is a trial account because the minimum deposit amount is small. We carry over 170 brands, so it can be said that we have a wide variety of products. The minimum deposit amount is $1, orders are executed on a market basis, and there are no transaction fees, but please note that the spreads tend to be a little wide.

standard cent account

The Standard Cent account allows you to trade with the smallest amount of all account types. Recommended for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. The number of stocks that can be traded is small compared to other account types. Please note that you can only use MT4 as a trading platform and you cannot use a demo account.

professional account

Professional accounts have low spreads, no transaction fees, and use an instant execution method, so as the name suggests, they are exclusively for professional traders. The biggest advantage of a professional account is that there is no slippage. Therefore, it is also suitable for scalping trading. Furthermore, there are no rejections, so there is almost no stress.

low spread account

The Low Spread Account is a new account type derived from the Pro Account, with a floating spread and a trading fee of $3.50 for foreign exchange. There are 236 types of stocks that are handled with low spreads, so it can be said that it is quite fulfilling.

zero account

Zero account is an account type derived from professional account. Its main feature is that the spread is zero, making it suitable for scalping trades. The system is such that there are no rejections and a transaction fee of $0.2 is charged. This account type is recommended for traders who want to compete with spreads.

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The next screen will be the account setup screen. Choose your account type, choose your leverage, choose your base currency, and even enter your nickname and password. The password should be 8-15 characters long, use uppercase and lowercase letters, and use only numbers and letters. At the end, the opening ends with the yellow button.

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How to start trading

To start trading, select trading for the created account from the My Account list.

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Make sure you remember your account’s server name and account number. You can start trading by choosing from Exness Terminal or MT5.

Source : https://exness.com/


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