XMTrading: Trading during Golden Week and company business hours Bonuses and deposit promotions


Since XM Trading is a company organization, business hours will be irregular during long holidays. Every year around Golden Week, the opening hours are announced on the official page, so be careful. Also, trades are less volatile, so chart movements may be different than usual.

golden week trade

Actually, the culture of Golden Week is only found in Japan. Therefore, Golden Week itself is a holiday exclusive to Japan. Even during Golden Week, FX trading is carried out and market prices are moving. The same is true for any FX broker, not just XM. It’s the same as the Obon season. Of course, you can also trade during the Obon period. Obon is also part of Japanese culture. However, Obon does not exist in other countries. Funds can be withdrawn up to the normal maximum during the period, and we also hold promotions.

XM trading support

On public holidays, XM live chat may not be available. Every year, our support center may be closed during Golden Week. Be sure to check the official website before May every year to see if there are any holidays. Responses to inquiries from new customers may stop completely during this period. However, members are 100% capable of normal trading such as automatic trading.

Points to note during Golden Week

Trading is possible during Golden Week, but there are some caveats. Some people end up losing money because the chart moves differently than usual. Markets such as energy, precious metals, and virtual currencies are moving as usual, and events are also being held. Deposits can be made via the website 24 hours a day, such as bitwallet or credit card.

If using bank transfer, the deposit will be stopped.

In the case of bank transfer, the deposit will be stopped. This is because all business days are holidays. We recommend depositing by credit card or online wallet, and if the total amount reaches the minimum deposit amount, it will be reflected immediately. If you have already placed an order, be careful about position holding and margin. You can rest assured that zero cuts will be adopted.

Account activation also stops.

When opening a new account, account activation will also be suspended. This is because document verification is done visually by staff. If you do not do this, you will not be able to set up to start trading immediately, and you will not be able to participate in programs such as promos with luxurious prizes during the campaign period. You cannot receive prizes or benefits such as bonuses.

less liquidity

Public holidays in each country may result in extremely low liquidity depending on the time of day. A lack of liquidity can have many negative effects. When liquidity is low, spreads tend to widen. If the spread is open, the trade should wait and see. In addition, when the liquidity is low, there is a possibility that the market price will move greatly with a little thing.

An unusual chart

When it comes to long holidays, there is a risk that liquidity will decrease due to fewer people trading, and the chart movement may become extreme. Market fluctuations are more likely to occur due to fewer people trading. Don’t go against the big current. If you go against it, it can lead to unrealized losses.

XM Golden Week Promotion

Every year in early May, XM holds a Golden Week promotion. This is a limited-time campaign that will increase the amount of the deposit bonus, and you can also get free gift codes and more. So, please check the official page frequently before May every year. We often have some kind of sale or promotion every year.

Is trading suspended during Golden Week?

Since Golden Week is a long holiday, many people will take a break from trading. In particular, many professional traders are stuck on charts every day, so they often get mentally exhausted. It is also important to take proper rest and rest well. Also, traders tend to stay at home, so let’s go out moderately. I feel refreshed.


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