XM Trading: 2023 Limited Time Campaign New Year’s Gift Promotion


XM is holding a limited-time campaign for the 2023 New Year. Currently, for a limited time, all new account holders will receive 13,000 yen, and the 20% deposit bonus will be increased to $10,000. The application method is easy, just open an account from the following (until the end of February 2023).

Account registration 13,000 yen

This limited-time campaign “Account Registration Bonus” is a great campaign where the amount is increased by 10,000 yen, and 13,000 yen will be given to all new account holders. Below is an overview.

Campaign periodUntil the end of February 2023
Campaign targetThose who open a new account
Campaign target accountStandard/Micro/KIWAMI Kiwami/Zero accounts
Bonus amount13,000 yen
bonus withdrawalImpossible
profit withdrawalPossible
cushion functioncan be

You can only receive the registration bonus once per account. Bonus can be received after real account activation. If you do not claim within 30 days of opening a new account, you will not be able to receive it.

How to receive account registration bonus

For this campaign, you must submit your identity verification documents within 30 days after opening a new account with XM and claim the bonus after activating your account.

Account verification is required to receive

To receive the XM account opening bonus, you need to verify your identity after opening an account. By completing this and activating your account, you will be able to receive your bonus.

Receive without deposit

XM opens an account and activates the account, the bonus will be reflected in the account. With this money, you can suddenly start trading on the same day without depositing money.


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