HFM (former HotForex): What is FPA? testimonials and reviews


HFM is one of the world’s most respected Forex companies. ForexPeaceArmy is a very famous site that posts reviews of Forex companies around the world. The number of reviews exceeds 500, and most users give it a high rating. HFM has a fairly high percentage of positive reviews.

What is ForexPeaceArmy?

ForexPeaceArmy is one of the world’s largest word-of-mouth sites where users using FX brokers post reviews. It is said that about 5 million people visit every year and traders from all over the world continue to post reviews, so you can see a fairly large number of reviews. ForexPeaceArmy was established in 2007. Everyone can now share information about the Forex brokers they use, and know about unscrupulous brokers.


Features of Forex Peace Army

ForexPeaceArmy has three main features.

Trader Reviews

You can see actual ratings by traders on review sites. Traders who are already using FPA are the ones who post reviews. Various fresh reviews have been posted, so it is recommended for those who are thinking about using a broker.

Evaluation method

ForexPeaceArmy evaluates brokers on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 stars is the highest and 1 star is the lowest. Recommended brokers have at least a 3 or higher rating. If you find it difficult to read, please check the star rating alone.


ForexPeaceArmy recognizes fraudulent brokers as fraudulent brokers. Please do not use too many brokers with unreasonable withdrawal refusals and repeated trouble reports.

HFM Ratings and Reviews

As of 2023, HFM is 3.7, and we are certified as an excellent company. Overall, there are many highly rated users, so you can see that it is recognized as a very reputable Forex company.

Source : FPA

Some users who have used HFM are disappointed with the support on the HFM side.

i took a buy trade on NZDJPY on the 11/04/2023 when i checked a saw spike towards my stop loss however the same trade from my other three accounts went into profit only HF Markets was closed. i suspect they have a dealer desk to hunt stop losses. The spike was deep and i sent them my photos but still waiting for their response. i am disappointed because i have traded with them for 7 years.

Source :FPA

HFM’s support center has a good reputation for responding fairly politely to users. Some users have rated it very highly.

I changed another method to withdraw successfully the next day.They also called me and expressed their concern.a very good and kind broker!

Source :FPA

It seems that many of the users who have used HFM are quite satisfied with the stable service they provide.

I have traded with this broker since 2018. Despite its controversial reputation, I personally had a profitable forex trading experience with HFM. In one instance, I managed to make a steady profit of $2000 by trading USD/JPY currency pair in like a month without any hassles. However, I must caution that forex trading is inherently risky, and traders must always exercise caution when trading. Overall IMO, this broker can be a viable option for both new and experienced traders but don’t forget fund management and potential risks.

Source :FPA

HFM trading tools are highly trusted. Therefore, it can be said that it is a broker that is quite trusted by users.

I went long on gold with my limit order at 1675 with tight sl and I exited near 1735. Successful in making profitable trade and exited early although I was thinking of shorts afterwards but got stuck with some other tasks therefore missed out the move. However no tensions as I will make again some other time. The trade execution is good and I can trust their mt4 for smooth entry execution and exits. I will make another post soon.

Source :FPA

Some users complained that they suddenly had a stop loss while trading. Some users seem to be disappointed.

On 3 separate occasions I have been stopped out despite market movement going anywhere near my stop loss. It makes no sense. If I dare exit from metatrader with open trades, this broker leaves me in red. It’s very upsetting and frustrating. One can’t take long positions comfortably without fearing trade Manipulation by HotForex.

Source :FPA

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HFM can open an account for free. Don’t worry, it’s free and there’s no risk. Please refer to the following article for information on opening an account.


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