HFM (former HotForex): How to solve garbled characters on MT4/MT5


When trading with MT4 or MT5, the characters may be garbled. This is not only a story of HF Markets, it is one of the phenomena that can occur no matter which Forex company you are using. So what should you do if garbled characters occur?

Patterns of garbled characters and solutions

The pattern of garbled characters is limited to some extent. The following patterns apply to it, so if any of them apply, try the solution.

Mac user

The download version of MT4/MT5 is developed for Windows. When Mac users use these MT4 and MT5, fonts may be garbled. Japanese and Chinese are particularly common.

solution 1

A simple and easy way is to change the language to English. Probably, it is often Japanese or Chinese that garbled characters occur. Garbled characters occur because those language fonts are not in MacOS. Just change the language to “English notation” to solve the garbled characters. Also, if you change the language setting, you need to restart MT4 and MT5. It is OK if the garbled characters are fixed after restarting.

Solution 2

One option is to try installing Windows fonts. You can make Mac compatible by installing Windows compatible fonts. Try copying and saving the “MS Gothic” and “MS Mincho” fonts from your Windows PC and installing the saved fonts on your Mac. After that, let’s start MT.

Solution 3

There is a way to create a Windows environment on your Mac using a tool called EasyWine. Download and install Easy Wine, put MT4/MT5 into Easy Wine, and try starting it.

For PC, Windows version users, the language settings for PC and MT4/MT5 are different

For PC version users, garbled characters may occur if the setting language of the PC and the language setting of the trading tools MT4 and MT5 are different.


In this case, you will have to unify the language set for both the trading tool and the PC. Don’t forget to restart your PC after changing the character settings. If there is no garbled characters after restarting, there is no problem.

If the above two steps do not solve the problem

Even if you try the above two, you may not be able to solve it.


In this case, try reinstalling MT4/MT5. Something went wrong during installation. Therefore, please delete MT4/MT5 once and then reinstall it. This may help.

How to change the language setting on your PC

It’s easy to change the language settings on your PC. The following is the operation method for Windows 10. First, open the Control Panel from System Tools on your PC.

Click Time and Language.

Click on your region.

Click on language settings. Here you can change the language.

How to change the language setting of MT4/MT5 for PC

For MT4/MT5, click “Languages” from “VIEW” and click “Restart” on the screen that opens.

Then MT4 or MT5 will be restarted and the language should be replaced. You may be able to solve the problem of garbled characters.


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