HFM (former HotForex): Re-registration after account deletion


I have been trading on HF Markets for a long time, but I deleted my account without trading. If I want to trade again, is it possible to register and create an account again?


After deleting the account, it is possible to re-register. As described in the article below, even after deleting your account, you can open a new account by registering again. However, there are the following points to note.

Prohibited matter

HF Markets has some restrictions. If you are doing trades that match the content introduced in the article below, you may be refused re-registration. This is because the management side has recognized it as a malicious user who conducts nuisance.

Users who have had their accounts frozen or profits confiscated

If some kind of malicious act continues and causes trouble to other users, there may be penalties such as account freezing and profit confiscation. If you receive such a penalty, you may be blacklisted and your next attempt to open an account may be refused.

How to re-register

If you have deleted your account and would like to register again, the procedure is simple. You can re-register by following the same procedure as opening a new account. Of course, you will also need to resubmit your ID and address confirmation documents.

Add a trading account

The re-registered account will be treated exactly the same as the newly explained account. Therefore, it will be possible to add more accounts and open more and more. Please refer to the article below to open an additional account.


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