HFM(former HotForex): Beware of illegal and fraudulent fraudulent sites


HF Markets is one of the most popular Forex companies in the world. For that reason, there are many users and it is popular, but popular companies are also destined to be easily targeted by fraud groups. There are many scam sites out there, so don’t be fooled.

Official website URL

The URL of the official website of HF Markets is “https://www.hfm.com/”. It is OK to have various addresses after “.com/”, but if the addresses before that are different, it is highly likely that it is a fake site. In recent years, fraudulent sites masquerading as HF Markets have sprung up. There are actually people who are deceived and have their money stolen.

Official page also warns

HF Markets also warns to beware of fake sites pretending to be the same site. Not only fake homepages but also fake Twitter accounts have been found. Fraudulent groups often attract customers from fake Twitter accounts and direct them to fake sites. If it’s not the above URL, you can be sure that it’s a fake site.

tricks of scammers

The tactics used by fraudulent groups that run fraudulent sites under the guise of HF Markets are as follows. I warn you repeatedly, but if the URL is completely different from the above URL, please think that it is a fraudulent site. Most of the cases involve stealing the user’s ID and password information, logging in, and withdrawing money.

Attract customers on SNS and guide them to fake sites

Scammers are attracting customers on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and directing them to fake sites. This method is a scheme that fraud groups are good at, and many victims are born. If you look at the URL and think it’s suspicious, please don’t deal with it. Most of the patterns that suddenly paste the URL on SNS and guide you are fraudulent.

dating app

In recent years, as a solicitation method for fraud groups, there are many cases where matching apps and dating apps are used to deceive the opposite sex and guide them to register on the site. In the first place, please think that it is suspicious when you are soliciting investment even though it is an application for dating purposes. The profile registered in the app is also likely to be fake.

Personal information collection

Money isn’t the only target for scammers. You may be running a fake site for the purpose of collecting personal information and selling it to third parties. In other words, fraud groups make users enter personal information on fake sites and steal information. Please note that fraud does not only refer to theft of money.

soliciting seminars and webinars

In recent years, online salons and webinars have been held frequently. However, when it comes to suspicious seminars, there are cases where the lecturer persistently solicits. Most of them are selling expensive information products, but there are also cases where they press you to register on fraudulent sites. Please go to the police and report it.

Chinese crime gang

In recent years, there have been many incidents in which Chinese criminal groups have set up bases in Southeast Asia, etc., and deceived users in the Asian region to take money. Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong were particularly affected. Suspicious investment accounts are rapidly increasing in dating apps and matching apps. If your profile picture is a model, your occupation is an investor, and your annual income is high, please consider it a fake account.


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