IronFX: Leverage Limits Regulatory Rules and Multiplier Changes, Loss Cut and Maximum Lot Explanation


IronFX allows you to trade with up to 1000x leverage, so it can be said to be a fairly high leverage broker. Therefore, you can trade even with a small amount, so you can feel safe, but be careful as leverage varies depending on the trading stock and account type.

Leverage by account type

There are 8 account types at IronFX. Please note that the leverage is actually different for each. Live accounts are 1000x, but STP/ECN accounts, live zero spread, and copy trading accounts can reduce the amount to 500x. There is also a professional copy trading account, which has a 250x payout.

Live fluctuation1000
Live Fixed1000
Live Zero500
STP/ECN No comission500
STP/ECN Zero500
STP/ECN Absolute Zero500
Copy Trade500
Copy Professional Trade250

Leverage by trading product

Traders should also look at leverage by stock from here. In fact, there are maximum leverage limits depending on the trading product. Foreign exchange is 1000 times higher, but other stocks are basically kept low, so be careful.

Energy 100

Margin call and stop-loss levels by account type

Along with leverage, you should also remember the stop-loss level. Loss cut is a rule that will force a loss cut settlement when unrealized losses accumulate to a specified level. IronFX is determined by a percentage, and when the following percentage of the margin is reached, the loss cut trigger will be activated.

A warning will also be issued when a margin call reaches a specified percentage of the margin. Receiving a warning does not mean forced liquidation, but it is a sign that a stop-loss cut is approaching, so traders should be aware of this. This is evidence that you are carrying too much unrealized loss.

Please note that the loss cut level for each account type is 20% for live accounts and copy trading accounts, but the loss cut level for STP/ECN accounts is 50%.

Loss CutMargin Call
Live fluctuation20%40%
Live Fixed20%40%
Live Zero20%40%
STP/ECN No comission50%100%
STP/ECN Zero50%100%
STP/ECN Absolute Zero50%100%
Copy Trade20%40%
Copy Professional Trade20%40%

Maximum lot by trading product

In IronFX, the maximum lot is determined depending on the trading product. If you are a large trader, you need to be especially conscious.

Forex400 lots
Metal100 lots
Indices100 lots
Energy Spot100 lots
Energy Future100 lots
US Stocks100000 lots
UK Stocks40000 lots
EU Stocks40000 lots
Crypto100 lots

Leverage limit rules

IronFX has a rule called leverage limit. Leverage limits are automatically set based on your account balance. The less funds an account has, the higher the leverage. As your account balance increases, leverage will be gradually regulated.

Max Leveragebalance
1000500$ – 9999$
50010000$ – 49999$
20050000$ – 99999$
100100000$ –

specific time period

IronFX limits the maximum leverage to 100x every Friday (Japan time) from 21:00 to 24:00.

Economic indicators announcement

In IronFX, leverage regulations always occur when the US unemployment rate, CPI, and even each country’s policy interest rate are announced. Key economic indicators and important events have a high profile and cause greater price fluctuations than usual, forcing leverage to be kept low.

Zero cut compatible

IronFX supports the zero cut system. With the zero cut system, your account balance may become negative due to some kind of mistake. If it becomes negative, the trader will have to bear the burden, but IronFX will change and bear the burden. In other words, traders have no risk of incurring debt, and there is no margin call, so it is very safe.

Conditions and order until zero cut is activated

I will explain the order from margin call to zero cut.

margin call

The first thing that starts is a margin call. A margin call is a warning and does not impose any restrictions on the trader. However, in this situation, traders need to decide whether to add funds or give up and cut their losses.

loss cut

After the margin call is the stop-loss cut. There is nothing the trader can do as it will be a forced liquidation. The purpose of stop-loss cut is to protect the trader’s funds by forcing liquidation. If there are multiple positions, the one with the largest unrealized loss will be liquidated first.

zero cut

Zero cut is activated after loss cut. Basically, zero cut is not often activated. Zero cut is activated when the account balance becomes negative. IronFX will compensate for the negative amount due to zero cut and make it zero.

Open an account for free

IronFX allows you to open an account for free. We will introduce it in the article below, so if you are interested, please open one. It is recommended because it has a wealth of campaign information and offers futures CFDs, energy, stocks, virtual currencies, indexes, etc. Once you log in, you can trade many financial products without limit. It is attractive because stop-loss cut is adopted even if you incur a loss. Always check the economic news to make profits in trading.

Leverage can be changed

The leverage can be changed and users can change it to 10x, 50x, 100x, and 200x. The maximum leverage is determined depending on the stock such as currency pairs, so select from the list above and check. You can earn a good amount with high leverage. Currencies also cover economic market major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, ADU, CHF. However, the service may not be available depending on your country of residence (Cuba, Sudan, United States, Syria, North Korea).

Platform is also MT4

It has a wide range of platforms and supports MT4 (MetaTrader), as well as web traders and web trader apps. Free installation is available on the official website. You can start with scalping or double trading, and you can decide the amount of trading you want to invest. Let’s look at the market trends, predict the impact, and place orders for financial products.

bonuses and campaigns

Bonuses and luxury campaigns are also held daily in the group. You can find a lot of information by visiting the official website. Contests are also held, and those who win will receive prize money. Please note that once you receive the appropriate service and your annual profits are determined, you will be required to pay taxes. Some accounts are not eligible. 100% of the bonus can be used as principal or margin.

seminars and podcasts

There are also seminars and podcasts. The media is very rich, with webinars, seminars, etc. Furthermore, there are also a wide range of services categorized by category, such as calendars and videos. There is also an official blog where you can accumulate knowledge. We also have an affiliate program and are looking for ib partners.


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