IronFX: Is there a way to make the account dormant, restore it, or cancel it?


After opening an IronFX account, you may try trading, but then leave it alone. What will happen if I leave my IronFX account alone? Is it possible to trade again?

What is a dormant account?

A dormant account is an account that can no longer be operated on the system. However, the account is not deleted, just that it cannot be operated on. Accounts will be deactivated if they are left unused for more than 3 months. If your account is disabled, functionality will be restricted and you will no longer be able to deposit or withdraw money. If you want to operate on that account, you will have to restore it.

How to restore your account

If you want to revive a dormant account, you need to restore it. To restore, first log in and look at the menu on the left. Select “Account Restore”. Then select the account you want to restore and apply. The restoration process only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be back in your account right away. You will be able to make deposits and withdrawals from the restored account again. Once your information is restored, you will be able to receive the campaign.

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Account cancellation

If this is not the case, you may want to cancel your account as is. If you have no plans to use your account, you can contact the support center or leave it alone. If you leave it for three months, it will be automatically archived. The same applies to live accounts and STP/ECN accounts. When archived with iron, the platform MT4 becomes unusable and deposit amounts cannot be accepted. I am unable to trade 100% investment products (currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, virtual currencies, etc.) even after the time is up. Please contact support to request the procedure.

Account cancellation

Alternatively, you can terminate your account and end your use of IronFX completely. However, in this case, no further processing is necessary. For information management purposes, the account will be kept by the operator for several years, so the account will continue to exist. However, after that, it will be deleted and you will no longer be able to log in with IronFX. If you plan to cancel your account, please note the following:

Set balance to 0

If you do not plan to use your account, please set the balance of all accounts to 0. In some cases, the money remains in the account. Instead of leaving it unattended, take out the money and leave it there. Please make sure to withdraw the amount of profit you made from orders in the financial market from the target account.

Position settlement

If you have no plans to use your account, don’t leave your position unattended in the first place. Whether you take profits or cut losses, we recommend that you settle the transaction properly before leaving it alone. There are only disadvantages to just having a valid position. Access it and confirm your profit or loss. This is especially the case for those who use automatic trading (EA).

Contact me if you are interested

There are many people who feel worried or anxious about leaving their accounts unattended. In that case, please contact the support center. We recommend that you manually delete your account. Contact is easy, and you can contact group companies through live chat on the official website. Let’s discuss what to do about the problem.


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