Exness: The truth and rumors about withdrawal refusal at overseas Forex company Exness, how to deal with the cause, summary explanation


Can I withdraw my profits from trading on Exness? A lot of people wonder what’s really going on. Since Exness itself is a very famous company and a long-established company, we have summarized in the article whether withdrawals can be refused.

Are there withdrawal refusals?

Many people are wondering if Exness isMany people are probably wondering whether Exness is conducting malicious withdrawals. Please refer to the following possibilities. Among overseas Forex companies, Exness has solid support, and you can rest assured that they will contact you and take their time to investigate the details before resolving the issue. There are many benefits for traders as unlimited leverage trading is possible. Looking at the reputation and word of mouth, there are no dangerous rumors. When registering as a member, there is a document review and identity verification, so it is very reliable. making malicious withdrawals. Please refer to the following possibilities.

Violation of prohibited items

Exness, an overseas FX company, is a company with considerably fewer restrictions in the FX company industry. Therefore, there are very few prohibitions, but if you violate the rules, your account may be frozen and you may not be able to withdraw money. Please refer to the article below. With maximum leverage, a zero cut will be applied to the funds, so you can rest assured that there will be no problems as the negative amount will be compensated and settled. Automated trading (EA) tools are also OK without restrictions.

Withdrawal error

There are a wide variety of ways to withdraw money and it is easy, but if you make a mistake in the withdrawal destination information, a withdrawal error may occur, the withdrawal may not be valid, and as a result, the funds may not be fully withdrawn. Don’t worry, all you have to do is request a withdrawal again. However, when withdrawing virtual currency, please be careful as if you make a mistake, you may lose the withdrawal amount. Investors should also keep in mind that withdrawals have a certain priority even if it is not a mistake. Also check the terms of use.

Rejection by card issuer

Please note that you cannot withdraw profits from credit card withdrawals at Exness. Since credit card withdrawals are treated as “refunds as cancellation of deposits”, withdrawals will be up to the same amount as the deposit amount. In addition, the transaction may be declined by the card company. In this case, please contact your credit card company.

Different deposit and withdrawal methods

Exness requires the deposit method and withdrawal method to be the same. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal being refused. For example, if you withdraw by bank transfer, you must withdraw by bank transfer. Of course, you should be careful that you have to withdraw to the same account that you deposited.

You have not reached the minimum withdrawal amount

With Exness, if the minimum withdrawal amount has not been reached, the official will refuse to withdraw even if you make a new request. The minimum withdrawal amount for Exness varies depending on the withdrawal method. Please refer to the table below when doing this. In some cases, the margin calculated by withdrawing funds may become insufficient and the system may cause a loss cut. Basically, we do not recommend withdrawing large amounts of money during trading. If you want to make a safe withdrawal, please close your position properly.

Withdrawal methodMinimum
Credit Card10$
BTCmining fee

Withdrawal exceeding excess margin

At Exness, you can apply for withdrawal while holding a position, but the amount that can be withdrawn is only the excess margin. Please note that if you apply for withdrawal of an amount exceeding the surplus margin, the withdrawal will be refused.

Withdrawal requests from third parties

As part of our anti-money laundering measures, Exness does not accept direct deposits from third parties or direct withdrawals to third parties. You can only complete a transaction if it matches the information you have registered in your personal area of your Exness account.

Comprendre les règles de retrait

Exness has withdrawal rules. Even if the withdrawal does not violate any prohibitions, the withdrawal will be refused if it is not in accordance with the rules. Please be sure to follow the rules below. Check the prohibited conditions on the official website’s frequently asked questions. Exness allows scalping, etc., but other brokers such as gemforex, fxdd, hfm, threetrader, axiory, bigboss, fxgt, etc. also have withdrawal rules.

Montant minimum de retrait

The minimum withdrawal amount varies depending on the withdrawal method. You can choose from various payment methods from My Page on the official website, but the minimum amount is different for webmoney, Tether, Bitcoin, Sticpay, Perfectmoney, bank transfer, etc. If you would like to make a small withdrawal, please consider using the table below. Depending on the purpose, withdrawals can be made from $1 or $2. Basically, withdrawal requests can be made 24 hours a day. Due to the procedure, it will take several days for the payment to be reflected and received.

Credit/Debit Card10$
Perfect Money2$

Même méthode que la méthode de dépôt

Si votre méthode de dépôt est le virement bancaire, vous devrez également sélectionner le virement bancaire comme méthode de retrait. En d’autres termes, la méthode de dépôt et la méthode de retrait doivent être les mêmes. Lors d’un dépôt, il est préférable de considérer la méthode de retrait et de choisir la méthode de dépôt.

retrait par carte de crédit

Dans certains pays, seules les cartes JCB sont prises en charge pour les retraits par carte de crédit. Veuillez noter que les retraits ne peuvent pas être effectués avec VISA dans certains pays. Cela dépend du pays dans lequel vous vivez, nous vous recommandons donc de contacter le centre d’assistance d’Exness.

Priorité de retrait

La priorité est donnée aux méthodes de retrait. La priorité 1 est la carte de crédit ou de débit, la priorité 2 est Bitcoin et la 3 est lorsque vous choisissez une autre méthode. Si vous faites une demande de retrait avec une mauvaise priorité, votre retrait sera rejeté. Cependant, dans ce cas, vous serez averti par e-mail, etc., afin que vous puissiez le vérifier.

besoin d’un accord

Exness dispose d’un mécanisme que vous ne pouvez pas retirer sans trader. Veuillez noter que même si vous faites une demande de retrait sans effectuer une seule transaction après le dépôt, le retrait sera refusé. Si vous souhaitez vraiment retirer, 0,01 lot suffit, donc si vous postulez après la négociation, le retrait ne sera pas refusé.


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