XM Trading: Free All-in-One Calculation Tool


Anyone can use XM’s calculator for free, regardless of whether they have an account with XMtrading. XM has a free tool called the All-in-One Calculator that allows you to calculate margin requirements, pip values and swaps. You can use it even if you are not an XM user, so feel free to use it.

All-in-one calculator

XM’s all-in-wine calculator is a calculator that allows you to calculate the “necessary margin”, “pip value”, and “swap” all at once by simply entering information such as trading instruments, leverage, and number of trading lots. Especially those who are not used to trading yet will have many opportunities to use this tool.

From the home screen, select “Learn FX” → FX calculation tool.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

For the English version, you can go to “TradingTool” → “Forex Calculators”.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Let’s select the all-in-one calculation tool as the screen will be transitioned.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Method of operation

Let me explain how to use the all-in-one calculator. First, enter the base currency, leverage, and account type of your account, as well as the currency pair and lot size you plan to trade. Members should check the page when placing an order. You can set it and view the details. You can use it after considering how much capital you will use for the product and whether losses will occur. The point is that it can also be used on the app. It is an indicator for determining the effective size in MT4 and MT5. Make good use of it.

Input 5 items

Enter the five items and click “Calculate” to see the results. This will help you decide on a safe policy to make a profit, such as losses in the investment amount. The operating company’s services have different functions and can be used without restrictions.

1. Account base currency

Choose the base currency that you normally choose.

2. Currency pairs

Choose the currency pair you want to trade.

3. Margin leverage

Enter the maximum leverage for your XM account. You can set the leverage to 888 times, or you can set it to the value you want to keep as the effective leverage.

4.Account type

Select the account type you are trading with.

5. Lot number

Enter the number of lots you plan to hold the position.

Calculation result

When you press the “Calculate” button, the calculation result will be displayed after a few seconds.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

When calculated, you can see the swap, minimum price change, required margin, and pip value at the time of entry.


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