XM Trading: Free Currency Conversion Tool


XM has many tools that can be used without opening an account. One of them is a currency converter, a tool that automatically does the math for you. Especially at the beginner’s stage, these tools will be used a lot, so they are one of the recommended tools.

currency converter

As the name suggests, the currency conversion tool is a tool that automatically calculates the price before and after conversion. It is a highly recommended tool, especially for those who are not yet familiar with trading.

tool location

For the location of the tool, first select “Learn FX” → FX calculation tool from the XM Trading home.

For English, the screen looks like this: Select “Trading Tools” → “Forex Calculators”.


Once selected, the following screen will appear. Select Currency Convertor.

How to use the tool

When you move to the location of the tool, the following screen will appear.


There are 3 things to enter:

before conversion

Select currency before conversion

after conversion

Select currency to convert

Amount of money

Enter the currency amount before conversion


The calculation result appears in the TOTAL part. It’s very simple to use like this. The tool can be accessed from:


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