XMTrading: Is the FX millionaire trader a lie? The traps of information products and millionaires


There are only a few billion traders in FX. There are books on trading and other ways to make money, but most people end up losing. If you look at SNS or Youtube, you will see many talented traders who have earned more than 100 million yen. They advertise and sell their trading methods, but are they really millionaire traders?

Billion Trader is not easy

Becoming a 100 million trader is not easy in the first place. In reality, FX has the advantage of making money, but there is also the risk of losing money. Therefore, it is not always possible to win. The more successful traders are, the more they cut their losses, and the more they repeat the simple tasks every day, the fact is that even if they do that, it is quite difficult to become a millionaire trader. Recommended methods are provided as a list on Twitter overseas news etc., but the reality is that the possibility of making money is low.

Why do billion traders sell information products?

Billionaire professional traders advertise their methods on social media and YouTube, but you should be wondering why they are selling information products. If they are really making billions of yen, then surely they don’t need to sell information products? You should think about that. There may be some genuine billionaire traders, but the majority of them have the following common tendencies, so basically, check it out for yourself and decide whether you want to do it. Even when they start, most of them lose their assets in the market and experience losses. Nowadays, many people are winning in stocks and FX by freely using the Internet. This is a must-see, so be sure to check out the content carefully.


Most of the people who call themselves billionaire traders are affiliates. They advertise that they have made billions of yen, and sell methods and indicators that do not even win at high prices. They also sell automated trading systems. The interest rate on automated trading systems is low, and the entry efficiency is so poor that they are like garbage to discretionary traders. They say that anyone can participate and make a lot of money, but in the end, it is a skip. For reference, these days, unless you have a very high level of knowledge, it is useless to use the tools and support provided by the operators.

Investment salon management

Some people who call themselves billionaire traders are new to the business of running investment salons. They study from scratch and aim for big profits through short-term day trading. However, most salons don’t teach much. They just teach information that you can find by searching around. Many salons also have a very high membership rate, so you should never join. Even if you spend a day learning the main technical analysis, market predictions, and how to win, in the end the members will just waste their precious time. If you can’t properly recognize the timing and direction, you won’t win even if you devise a strategy. The win rate is low.

beautiful or handsome

Among those who call themselves billionaire traders, there are some who are very good looking. It is common for beautiful women and handsome men to appear on Instagram and YouTube. These performers are merely puppets being manipulated, there is actually a mastermind pulling the strings behind the scenes. If you put a beautiful woman or handsome man on the front line, some people will be lured in and buy information products, so it’s a very good role. They are selling dubious things such as beginners being able to increase leverage and make a profit immediately by looking at the charts.

Majority of those with an annual income of 100 million yen or more are stock and FX traders

In the case of Japan, there is a fact that the majority of people earning more than 100 million yen a year are stock and FX traders. This is actually announced by the National Tax Agency, so please go and see it. Therefore, there are actually over 100 million super traders. But would these people go out of their way to sell information products or promote them on YouTube? You should be skeptical about this. Real traders use that time to trade if they are doing such a profitable business.


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