XM Trading: Deposit into account Rakuten Card and Rakuten Bank are recommended


At XMTrading, you can make bank transfers and online transfers from Rakuten Bank and Visa brand Rakuten cards in your account, which I will explain in this article. Depositing money with Rakuten Bank has various benefits, so we highly recommend it to users. So what are the benefits? I tried to summarize it in an article.

Deposit method and deposit procedure

For details on how to deposit into a trading account and a list of deposit procedures, please refer to the article below to check the latest information. Overseas FX companies accept domestic bank transfers and credit cards, but there are rules on the official website. Once you select a method and complete it, you can start trading immediately. Bonuses will also be generated, so be sure to receive them in your account. Campaigns are also held from time to time, so there are benefits and you can participate. Traders can make profits in a very favorable environment.

Deposit at Rakuten Bank

Depositing money with Rakuten Bank has the following advantages: Deposits to your bank account will be reflected on the operating company’s business day. These applications are only available on weekdays, and it may take a very long time before you can confirm your payment on My Page. You can click to check. If you check it yourself and the deposit and bonus have not been granted, please contact support from the web. If you are in a hurry, we recommend using SticPay, JCB card, or Visa card.

No deposit fee

The first advantage of using Rakuten Bank is that XM/Rakuten Bank deposit fees are free. Normally, when depositing to XM by bank transfer, both the FX company and the transfer bank will charge a deposit fee.

XM deposit fee is usually free for deposits of 10,000 yen or more, but Rakuten Bank requires a uniform fee of 145 yen regardless of the deposit amount. However, if you use Rakuten Bank’s “Happy Program”, you can waive the Rakuten Bank deposit fee up to three times a month.


The Rakuten Bank account must be designated as the receiving account for salaries, bonuses, and pensions, and the account balance must be 100,000 yen or more or 5 transactions or more.

Reflected in your XM account in as little as 30 minutes after deposit

If you make a deposit at Rakuten Bank, it will be reflected in your XM account in as little as 30 minutes. If it is during business hours on weekdays, the money will arrive in your XM account within 30 minutes to 1 hour after depositing.

No deposit limit

There is no deposit limit when depositing to XM from Rakuten Bank. There is no maximum deposit amount, and the maximum deposit amount per transaction is set as high as 10 million yen, so it is possible to deposit large amounts.

When you cannot make a deposit at Rakuten Bank

If you are unable to make a deposit with Rakuten Bank or the deposit is not reflected, the following may be the reasons: When making a transfer, you must enter your name, number, etc. accurately. Please check these thoroughly.

Incorrect transfer information

If the payee information is incorrect, even if you deposit from Rakuten Bank, it will not be reflected in your XM account. The transfer destination bank may change, so we recommend that you check each payment.

The transfer holder does not have an account number

The deposit will not be reflected unless the MT4/MT5 account number is entered in the payer name, remitter name, and requester name items. If you forget to put it in and transfer it, it will take a long time to deposit after communicating with the XM support center. Caution is required. Please refer to the following article regarding the support center.


Payment and reflection may be delayed due to clumsiness on the part of Rakuten Bank or XM. If the payment is not reflected even after waiting for a few hours to a few days, please contact XM and Rakuten Bank respectively.

account freeze

Deposits cannot be made if the Rakuten Bank or XM account is frozen. In this case, you will need to take measures such as recreating your account.

Rakuten card deposit

There is a Rakuten card that can be used to deposit to XM, but be careful as it may not be used depending on the brand. The brands currently supported by Rakuten Card are VISA, JCB, MasterCard, and Amex. We highly recommend using a credit or debit card as your payment will be credited immediately. However, some brands do not accept it, so be careful.

VISA is available

Only VISA accepts Rakuten credit card payment. The same Rakuten credit card is also NG for the JCB brand. In 2021, the deposit reception has been suspended.

Rakuten Amex Card

Rakuten cards can also be created under the Amex brand, but XM does not support Amex. If you have Amex, use another payment method or change the brand with Rakuten Official.

Rakuten MasterCard

Rakuten cards can also be created under the MasterCard brand, but XM does not support MasterCard. If you have a MasterCard, please use another payment method or change the brand with Rakuten Official.

Rakuten card brand change

There are the following patterns to change the Rakuten card brand.

Create a new Rakuten card

It is OK if you create a new Rakuten card. From June 2021, you can also create a second Rakuten card. It can be easily done from Rakuten e-NAVI, so let’s make it additionally.


You can also switch types on the Rakuten e-NAVI card add page. When switching to Gold or Premium, you can also change the international brand, so let’s use it. When changing the type of Rakuten card, only gold and premium can be changed to international brands.

Cancel the Rakuten card and create a new card

You can also change it by canceling your Rakuten card and recreating it. With this, even those who do not want to have multiple credit cards or who do not want to change to Gold Premium, which requires a maintenance fee, can handle it.


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