XM Trading:Are There Binary Options at XM?


Does xmtrading have binary options options? Beginners can trade using MT4, etc., and XM handles not only FX but also many investment products such as virtual currencies and commodity futures. Is it possible to trade binary options with XM, which has a very simple trading mechanism and is easy for beginners to start trading?

XM does not have binary options

First of all, let me start by saying that there are no binary options in XM. Frequently asked questions – located in the trading account section. Currently, there are many things that cannot be done with information from the same FX company overseas. However, the XM official website has a wealth of indicators such as foreign exchange, automatic trading, and chart analysis tools, and also provides methods to win in the market. There are also demo accounts that you can use to practice. You can add accounts, change leverage, etc.


Why binary options are not recommended

Although it is possible that XM will handle binary options in the future, we do not recommend trading with binary options for the following two reasons. Even if you enter a new game, there is a strong gambling element, and even if you set it up and use it properly, there is a strong gambling element in the content. Systemically, there are no advantages and many disadvantages. Even dealers often don’t carry it. The cause is below. It depends on order handling, knowledge, judgment, rules, etc., but basically the risk is high.

likely to gamble

Trading in binary options can be a gamble. Binary options are only predictions of whether the rate of a particular stock will rise or fall after a certain period of time. Because it is a very simple mechanism, even beginners can start trading without thinking about anything.

Beginners may become addicted to the thrill of not knowing which way to go.

hard to predict

Due to the limited trading hours in binary options, the outcome is very difficult to predict. Anyone can pick up or down, but on the other hand, no one will be able to accurately guess the rate after 2 hours.

Unless you are a person who can accurately predict the future, you can say that it is impossible to trade with low risk on a clear basis.

Difficult to earn a lot in a short period of time

With binary options, it is difficult to make large profits in a short period of time. On the other hand, in the case of FX, there is leverage, even if it is for a short period of time, so it is possible to earn money all at once with a high lot. If you want to make a lot of money in a short period of time, FX discretionary trading is more suitable.

Limited number of transactions

Binary options have a limited number of trades. This is because the number of trades is fixed because it is often controlled by the broker. This is an investment that is not very suitable for aiming to increase profitability.

Cannot hold a position for a long time

Binary options cannot hold positions for a long time. Binary options have a mechanism in which the trade ends at the expiration time. Since you cannot aim for large profits by holding it for a long time, it clearly has more restrictions than the exchange rate.

Trading products on XM

I can highly recommend XM as an investment other than binary. The reason is not only exchange rate. Commodities, stock indices, precious metals, energies, cryptocurrencies and investment products are plentiful. Please see below for details.

Why We Recommend XM

Unlike other FX companies, XM has a proven track record and is a company that is highly recommended from a user’s perspective. It is popular among those who have experience with multiple FX companies. Fees are low and support is excellent.

Leverage 1,000 times

XM allows you to trade with a leverage of 1,000 times, so you can earn efficiently with a small amount of funds. If you want to make a large profit with a small capital, we recommend that you trade with XM with a large leverage.

bonus campaign

At XM, bonus points worth 3,000 yen are automatically given just by opening an account. Since points can be used in actual transactions, you can start trading as if you are warming up without preparing the capital.

No worries about withdrawal rejection

One of the big reasons to recommend XM is that you don’t have to worry about withdrawal refusals. XM will be in its 14th year of operation as of 2023, but so far there have been no cases of major troubles such as withdrawal refusals.

Difference between binary options and FX

There is a big difference between binary options and FX.

magnitude of risk

Although binary options have a limited return on profits if your predictions come true, the risk is low because even if your predictions come true, you will not lose more than the invested capital. In other words, it is low risk and low return. On the other hand, in the case of FX, you can take as much risk as you want, although it depends on the leverage and lot. FX can be said to be high risk and high return.

Determining tax profits and losses

This is a system in which the trade ends when the binary option judgment time comes. Since you cannot aim for large profits by holding it for a long time, it clearly has more restrictions than the exchange rate. On the other hand, in the case of FX, the degree of freedom is extremely high and you can hold as many positions as you like. Since you can choose how you fight, you can say that there is a big difference.

Leverage and swap points

Binary options have no leverage and no swap points. On the other hand, FX has leverage and swap points. Therefore, FX allows you to take as much risk as you like.

Number of transactions/time

With binary options, the number and time of trades are limited by the broker, so there is quite a bit of freedom. However, in the case of FX, there are no restrictions on this, so it is up to the discretion of the trader.


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