XMTrading: How to change your registration information (email address, phone number, address)


This article explains how to change your address, phone number, and even email address after creating an account with XMTrading, and the necessary procedures. There are many users who have left their information unchanged due to the changes. However, this is not a good idea. There are also disadvantages, so it is best to notify the operator as soon as possible. The procedure itself is very simple, so it can be done quickly.

How to change registration information

Even though you created an account with XM Trading, you may have registered the wrong email address, address, or phone number, or your personal information may have changed due to moving house, etc. We will show you how to actually change your personal information and how to do it.

1. My page login

First, log in to the XM member site. XM, an overseas FX company, allows you to change your information even after registering for an FX account. Once you have completed the application and submission with a button, you can trade as usual using spreads, leverage, and bonuses by utilizing your margin. Please be careful not to forget to apply. There are no fees.

2. Click Support

Click on “Support” on the far right of the member site. To do this, you need to fill out the form completely. You can apply by filling out the form on the screen. This is necessary for both real and demo accounts. Details such as frequently asked questions are written on the official website.

3. Fill in the submission form and send

Fill in the necessary information and send the form.

[Select a department]

In [Select a department], select Valification.


Write what you want to change. email, phone, address, etc.


Write to the supporter center. If you write down your login ID and name, the procedure will proceed smoothly.

If you change your phone number, write down both the old phone number and the new phone number.

In the case of e-mail, if you write both the old e-mail address and the new e-mail address, the procedure will proceed smoothly.

In the case of address change, you will receive an email from the XM support desk in response to the address change request. Follow the instructions in the email to upload your new address verification documents. Address verification documents include:

Health insurance card (insured person)

Certificate of residence

Seal registration certificate

Utility bill/receipt (electricity, gas, water)

Credit card/bank statement/bill

Landline/mobile phone bill/receipt

Tax notices such as tax notices

4. Submit your request

Check again and if there are no problems with the content, click “Submit Request”. Normally, the changes will be reflected within one business day. If you submit an image file or other document on the weekend, the company will certify it on a business day. Once that’s done, the partner can add funds and make new investments in CFDs and other types of products as usual.

Reason for changing personal information (e-mail address, address, phone number)

We will introduce the reasons for changing your registered personal information (profile, email address, current address, phone number). If you have not notified us of any changes, you must notify us. You can easily change your information by tapping on Kiwami, Standard, or Demo. We accept changes on holidays depending on the situation, so please process them as soon as possible.

Account email

The first reason why you should change your XM personal information is that you will no longer receive emails regarding your account. This is especially the reason why you should change your registered email address.

The email contains the information you need to trade on XM, such as account ID and server name. If you do not change your email address, you may miss important emails about your account.

Problems with deposits and withdrawals

Your personal information should be registered with the bank or credit card you use to deposit or withdraw from XM. If this information is different from what is registered with XM, you may be suspected of fraudulent withdrawals or money laundering.

In order to prevent problems with deposits and withdrawals, make sure that the personal information registered with the financial institution and the personal information registered with XM are the same.


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