XMTrading: CFD Stock Index Trading and Features Leverage Spread Thorough Explanation


We handle XMTrading stock indexes, virtual currencies, as well as precious metals and energy CFD trading. This article is about stock indexes. We will explain trading methods such as leverage, margin, and stocks.

List of CFD Stock Index Stocks

XM currently allows you to trade a total of 24 major popular stocks, 14 spot stock index stocks and 10 future stock index stocks. First, we have compiled a list of stocks that can be traded physically. In the case of a cash stock index, each long position can receive dividends. As stated on the official website, there is also a contract month expiration date and swap points, so be sure to check them. Details such as costs vary depending on the brand, but it is recommended as it can be held for a long time. XM has a wide variety of locations, including the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, China, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

BrandMin SpreadMargin requirement rateTrade Time(Japan Time)
AUS200Cash1%weekday : 06:55 – 13:25,
   14:15 – 03:55
EU50Cash1.51%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
FRA40Cash11%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
GER40Cash11%weekday : 06:05 – 16:15,
   16:30 – 16:55
HK50Cash11.5%weekday : 09:20 – 11:55,
   13:05 – 16:25
   17:20 – 00:55
IT40Cash11%weekday : 16:05 – 00:35
JP225Cash10.5%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
NETH25Cash0.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
SPAIN35Cash11%weekday : 16:05 – 02:55
SWI20Cash0.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
UK100Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
US100Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
US30Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
US500Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55

Below is a list of futures products.

BrandMin SpreadMargin requirement rateTrade Time(Japan Time)
EU500.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
FRA400.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
GER400.011%weekday : 06:05 – 16:10,
   04:30 – 04:55
JP22510.5%weekday : 06:05 – 16:10,
   04:30 – 04:55
SWI200.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
UK1000.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55
US1000.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55
US5000.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55
USDX0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55

Difference between futures and cash

The stock index of XM is characterized by handling two types of spot and futures. So what is the difference between futures and cash?

spot trading

Spot trading is characterized by the fact that it can only be traded within the investment amount. In order to make a profit in spot trading, a certain amount of investment is required, but on the other hand, the risk is limited and the loss can be expected to some extent. Leverage trading is not possible, so you cannot make a lot of money with a small amount of money. In addition, the actual item must enter from the purchase. Because you can’t sell without buying.

futures trading

A futures contract is simply a contract that promises to buy or sell an asset at a specified price in the future. The feature of futures trading is that leveraged trading is possible, so you can place an order that is several times the amount of your investment funds. Therefore, with a small amount of money, you can make big trades. Also, unlike physical trading, you can enter both buying and selling.

Characteristics of Stock Indices

Stock index trading has the following characteristics: The market has various characteristics depending on the symbol, time period, commission, and transaction size. Even short-term trading will greatly affect the method. Entries can be determined by looking at market prices. Volatility also varies depending on the stock, so take a close look at the charts and environment.

Trading on weekends and holidays

As you can see from the above, stock index trading can only be done on weekdays. Doors open on Monday and close on Friday. In addition, trading hours are different in summer and winter, and regular maintenance hours do not correspond to trading. Please note that there is a 1 hour difference in trading hours between summer and winter time. The server is very stable and you can trade effectively.

Supports zero cut

If it is a zero cut, you will not lose more than the investment amount you deposited. If you trade with a Forex company that does not support zero cuts, in the worst case scenario, you will end up in debt if the loss exceeds the deposit amount. However, XM uses a zero cut system and is forced into action.

Trade both spot & futures

XM stock index can be traded both spot and futures. With futures, you can leverage leverage, which allows you to earn a large amount of money with a small amount of capital. Scalping, double trading, and automatic trading (EA) are also possible.


You can get dividends if you own the spot at XM. The dividend calculation method is as follows.

Dividend = dividend adjustment ÷ number of lots

The timing for receiving dividends is predetermined and can be confirmed on the official page. Select “Trading” → “Stock Indices” from the official page.

Home Page

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

An explanation of index dividends is provided. Swap points are awarded for spot transactions. However, the swap points of the stock index are all negative for both buying and selling, so let’s consider it before trading.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

How to start trading

To start trading stock indexes, you will first need to open an account. Please refer to the article below to open an account. The market price you aim for is different every day, so you need basic experience to continue earning stable income. There are also economic indicators, so be sure to check the calendar. Overall, there are a wide variety of financial products available. Don’t be fooled by immediate numbers and price movements.


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