XMTrading:Registration if you do not have a country of residence How to open an account for overseas residents


When opening an account with XM, you may not be a resident of Japan, so we will introduce what to do if you live overseas. It is a fairly well-known FX company in the world and has a large number of users. The XM Group has several operating companies, and XMtrading is a company exclusively for Asian users. Some nationalities cannot register with some companies, so you have to change the registration address depending on the operating company.

XM has three group companies worldwide.

There are three operating companies in the XM Group. The difference between them is the country they are offered in. The services they can provide differ depending on the laws of each country. Therefore, XM has split the company, and the countries in which they obtain licenses are different, and the locations are also different. Among overseas FX brokers, the companies that people living overseas can register with are completely different. We have compiled a list of companies that we can introduce, so please check the information. We have compared them, so please check the addresses on the homepage screen. The contents are also summarized in FAQs. For reference, the same service is categorized differently when starting with funds.


XM.com provides services to European residents. The maximum leverage that FX brokers can offer in Europe is 30x. In 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority regulated leverage to protect individual investors, and XM separated XM.com from XMGlobal. Once you have uploaded your personal information such as your current address, My Number card ID, resident registration, and utility bills from the menu and completed the submission, you can start trading with a high leverage of 30x. The official version can be used via app, so you can rest assured. Applications are limited to Europeans.

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This is from the Seychelles Islands, where licensing regulations are loose among the XM Group. Among the licenses acquired by the XM Group, the regulations are the loosest. XMtrading is in the Asian region, but China etc. cannot be registered. Such cases are applicable to XM Global’s Service Territory. XMtrading is in Asia, but mainly for Japanese users. This involves the Japanese Financial Services Agency. If an unlicensed company in Japan solicits Japanese people to participate in Forex trading, the FSA will be in great trouble because Japanese law cannot protect Japanese people.

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XMGlobal provides services for residents outside of Europe and Asia. It holds multiple licenses that are difficult to obtain, such as Belize IFSC, Cyprus CySec, and Australia ASIC. XMGlobal is very much geared towards residents outside of Europe and Japan. Chinese people are also under XMGlobal’s jurisdiction. There is a demo, so you can trade with a high total amount from the beginning. The staff is polite, so you can rest assured even if you are worried. In conclusion, you can trade from a small amount. Our company basically accepts bank accounts and credit cards. Members can trade immediately with just a certificate or statement such as a passport, driver’s license, or residence card.

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Countries where XM cannot be used

There are some countries where you cannot register or access either XMTrading or XM.com. If you cannot find your country of residence, you may be living in a country where the use of XM is prohibited. Specifically, the following countries are prohibited from using XM. We recommend it because it has a wide variety of basic financial products and the process and usage are simple.

  • America
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Belize

Circumstances vary by country. The United States prohibits the use of foreign Forex brokers. If you live in the above countries, you will not be able to register as a new user with XM, and as this is determined by law, you will have no choice but to give up. When choosing a Forex broker, be sure to thoroughly check whether it is compatible with your country of residence. XMTrading supports Japanese, English, Thai, Malaysian, and Korean.

Many trading methods

XMTrading offers a wide variety of trading methods, including scalping, automatic trading, and double trading. There are many campaigns and recommended bonuses that you can receive on the official website. Bonuses can now be used as margin. There are many investment targets. There are lot limits etc. depending on the account type.

Plenty of platforms

There are many platforms available, including web traders, MT4, and MT5. You can trade with low fees. However, leverage differs depending on the XM group company. By changing your residence and relocating, you can receive services from another XM group company. Tax policies will also change.


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