XMTrading: About the organization name when opening an account Which brand should you choose, FSA or FSC?


When opening an account with XMTrading, you have to choose the MT and the required organization name brand (Tradexfin Limited, Fintrade Limited), which one is better? When it comes to choosing an organization name, tradexfin Limited or Fintrade Limited, the trading details are the same no matter which one you choose, so choose the one you like. So what are the differences between these organizations? I’m writing an article about it.

Which of the two organization names would you choose?

When opening an account with XM Trading, you need to choose from the following two organization names and financial licenses. At the moment, there is no difference in the trading environment and trading conditions with either financial license. So it doesn’t have much of an impact. But what makes this organization different?

“Tradexfin Limited” and “Fintrade Limited” will appear in the selection item of the organization name when opening an account, but this will be the name of the company. When choosing an organization name, choose one of these two companies.

Tradexfin Limited

Tradexfin Limited is a company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles. It is licensed by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). The securities dealer license number is SD010. Tradexfin Limited is located at F20, 1st Floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Seychelles.

Fintrade Limited

Fintrade Limited is a company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius. It is licensed by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC). Securities dealer license number is GB20025835. The address is c/o SAFYR UTILIS LTD, 7th Floor, Tower 1, NeXTeracom, Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose

The only thing that changes with the choice of organization name is the regulatory body. The difference is whether the regulator will be the Seychelles Monetary Authority or the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. Either way, the terms and conditions of the trade will remain the same.

In fact, the organization name selection item was added in 2022, and Fintrade appeared at the same time. Tradexfin is a company that has been listed as an operating company since the early days of XMTrading. Prior to 2022, this organization name was not chosen at all. Also, you cannot change the organization name that you have initially filled out and selected. You can select a different organization when opening multiple accounts. There is also official support, so don’t worry.

The format of the trade remains the same

No matter which option you choose, there will be no major impact on the operation or trading of the official website. There are no disadvantages as it does not affect your address or document submission. The only difference is the corresponding service company. With the popular FX, you can also do scalping, double trading, automatic trading, etc. There is no effect on new entries or withdrawal settings, and there are no advantages or disadvantages. If you complete the identity verification process and activate your account, you will be fully provided with campaigns and platforms. Anyone over the age of 18 can register as a member regardless of region.

Safe and reliable

You can rest assured that XM is safe and reliable. There are not many problems or troubles, and if you trade according to the rules, your account will not be frozen. Compared to gemforex, axiory, exness, fxgt, etc., it is a recommended broker with peace of mind as it holds a financial license. Please check the company page below for reference. You can also create a standard account and conduct transactions using the Smartphone app. Investors will need an image of their ID (my number card, passport, driver’s license) and address confirmation documents (residence card, utility bill documents, receipts) to confirm their identity.


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