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This article explains how to calculate profit and loss based on the number of lots in xmtrading, positions, required maximum margin, and pip. Those who want to start trading with XMTrading must understand currency units and lots. For those who do not understand one lot of XM, I will explain the number of currencies in one lot, the minimum lot, and the maximum lot.

What is lot?

A lot is a unit of trading currency in FX. In FX, large funds such as 100,000 currencies or 1 million currencies move. However, since it is a large unit, it is a bit inconvenient to handle. Therefore, the unit called lot was created so that the currency unit could be roughly understood. Overseas FX brokers have advantages as their fees are low and the maximum leverage is 1000 times, but lot adjustment is an important point. Details can be found on the official management website. The amount of risk will vary depending on the account type.

Risk varies depending on the brand

Stocks include CFDs, currency pairs, energy, stocks, precious metals, virtual currencies, etc., but each has different volatility. Please be careful about the number of lots as the price fluctuations are different. By the way, standard accounts and micro accounts also have campaigns and bonuses. The maximum leverage limit varies from 1000x, 500x, and 100x depending on the account type.

Lots of trading methods

There are many trading methods. Scalping, double trading, and automated trading (EA) type trading are also available. Therefore, the reputation and reviews are very good. If you are a new high leverage trade and end up with an unrealized loss, a loss cut or zero cut will be applied. Of course, swap points will be generated if you trade across days. You can also trade on your smartphone.

There is also a license from the Financial Services Agency.

We also hold multiple licenses from the Financial Services Agency, including the Seychelles Islands. We also have more extensive licenses than other companies such as axiory, fxgt, titanfx, ironfx, and bigboss.

1 lot unit of XM

1Lot1000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency

1 lot of XM standard account and zero account is “100,000 currency”. Micro accounts have different limits as 1 lot is 1000 currencies. In XM, 1 lot is basically 100,000 currencies, so please keep this in mind when entering with the tool. This cannot be selected and changed. When trading in high lots, be careful of your balance.

Number of lots traded on XM

XM can be traded with the same minimum lot of 0.01 lot. The minimum deposit amount is 500 yen. Although it is a high leverage, decide the lot based on the amount. If you trade for 100,000 yen and lose 10,000 yen, the lot is high and there is a high possibility of a big loss. It is preferable to set a rule for a one-time loss of 1% to 2% of the principal amount. Swap is also involved from here. Trade with small amounts.

1Lot100,000 currency1000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency
Minimum lot0.01 lot (1000 currency)0.01 lot (10 currencies)0.01 lot (1000 currency)0.01 lot (1000 currency)
Maximum lot50 lots (5 million currency)100 lots (100,000 currency)50 lots (5 million currency)50 lots (5 million currency)

Standard and Zero accounts can trade from 1000 currencies and Micro accounts can trade from 10 currencies. The maximum lot is 50 lots for Standard and Zero accounts, and 100 lots for Micro accounts.

What is the maximum lot?

Maximum lot refers to the maximum number of orders that can be ordered in one transaction. Please keep in mind that the maximum number of positions in XM is 200 lots. It is possible to hold positions up to a maximum of 50 lots x 4 times. Also, the calculation tool is currently available completely free of charge on the official website. Even professionals use it, so please try it first.

Lot calculation

If you are unable to calculate lots in FX trading, you may end up making unreasonable high leverage trades and incurring large losses. If you want to trade FX with XMTrading, be sure to be able to manage lots and calculate lots. Let’s keep the lot size relatively low and take it into account. It is important to make use of it next time so as not to skip it even if it becomes negative. Survival is important in foreign exchange, so please decide on lots according to your margin.

Profit and loss calculation method per pip

Profit and loss in Forex trading can be calculated by the following formula. The trading volume can be obtained by “number of lots x currency unit”.

Profit/Loss = Trading Volume x (Settlement Price – Order Price)

If you are worried, try trading with a standard account first.

We have introduced the account types of XM. If you don’t understand or are having trouble, try opening a popular standard account first. Products include foreign exchange, precious metals (gold, silver), energy, stock indexes, and virtual currencies. This account type has high execution power and is officially recommended. The base currencies are US dollar, Japanese yen, and euro. You can also earn bonuses. It is also possible to create additional accounts.

1 lot 100,000 currency

1 lot unit of standard account is 100,000 currency. Much more than 1,000 currencies per lot for micro accounts. A large amount of currency means a large profit per trade. If you want to make big profits in a short period of time, a standard account is recommended over a micro account.

deposit bonus

There are two types of deposit bonuses for Standard and Micro accounts. But I can’t get a zero account. If you get a deposit bonus, you can also afford margin. Forex beginners melt money quickly, so you should open an account with a standard account that can receive a deposit bonus.

Loyalty program

Loyalty programs apply to Standard and Micro accounts. Join our loyalty program and you will be rewarded with XM points for repeat trades. Accumulated XM points can be exchanged for bonuses and used as margin for FX trading. If you have a standard account with a large amount of trading currency, the speed at which you accumulate XM points is fast.


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