XM Trading: Q&A on XM Free Features and Tools


XM Trading has tools that can be used overwhelmingly free of charge compared to other Forex companies. Compared to other companies in the same industry, the quality of the service is high, and many services can be used for free, making it a recommended Forex company for beginners. Therefore, this time we will introduce the free functions and tools provided by XM Trading.

Daily Market Analysis Video

Daily Market Analysis Videos are reports on daily market trends. This function is recommended for those who want to quickly grasp the situation of the foreign exchange market.

forex webinars

Forex webinars are forex seminars that you can attend for free. Even if you have not yet explained your XM account, you can participate, so you can feel free to participate.

MT4 Tutorial

This is a collection of videos for beginners who are not familiar with FX yet and those who want to start FX. There are 26 videos, and you will be able to trade just by watching them.


The MQL5 community has a huge amount of trading signals from providers whose performance has been verified over the past month.  This function is recommended for those who want to use tools.

All-in-one calculator

With our all-in-one calculator, you can calculate margin requirements, pip values and swaps.

currency converter

The currency converter tool allows you to convert from one currency to another using prevailing rates at the time.

pip value calculator

The Pip Value Calculator allows you to determine the value per pip of your base currency so that you can monitor your risk per trade more accurately.

Margin calculator

Our Margin Calculator allows you to calculate the margin required to enter and maintain a position.

swap calculator

The Swap Calculator allows you to calculate the interest rate differential between the two currencies of the currency pair of your position.

profit and loss calculator

The Profit and Loss Calculator allows you to assess your expected profit or loss in Forex trading.


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