XMTrading: Free Swap Calculator, Explanation of Calculating Swap Points for Overseas Forex


If you are going to trade FX with xmtrading, you need to know about swaps and how to calculate them. I think many people are curious about what XM’s swap points are. If the swap points are positive for a currency pair, you can continue to make a certain amount of profit just by holding a position, so I think many people are curious about it.

XM swap point

Swap points are adjusted gains and losses due to interest rate differences between currencies. In forex trading, investors buy and sell two currencies with different interest rates. So while you are entitled to receive interest on the currency you buy and hold, you must pay interest on the currency you sell.

Method of calculation

Consider a 1% JPY interest rate and a 3% USD interest rate and an investor holding a long position in the USD/JPY currency pair (buy USD and sell JPY). In this case, the investor receives 3% of the US dollar interest rate and pays 1% of the yen interest rate, so the amount equivalent to this difference (2% = 3% – 1%) is received as a swap point.

Conversely, if an investor holds a short position in the USD/JPY currency pair (selling USD and buying JPY), the interest received and paid will be reversed, so this difference (2%) You will pay the equivalent amount as swap points.

Timing of swap points

Swap points occur when you carry over your position to the next day or later. This carryover is called a rollover, and is usually done around the time the New York market closes (6:00 am Japan time in the case of US summer time).

XM trading swap points occur at the closing of the New York market.

swap calculator

XMTrading has a swap calculator that you can use even if you don’t have an account. We’ll tell you where to find it. Check the spread and other CFD and FX information before using the bonus. You can simulate the leverage on the page by looking at the values ​​for stocks, precious metals, energy, etc. Points can also be negative. For details, please refer to the following. Click on the target stock on the official website.

In the Japanese version, select “Learn FX” → “FX Calculator”.

For the English version, select “Trading Tool” → “Forex Calculator”.

Select “Swap Calculator”.

How to use the swap calculator

The swap calculator can be calculated by entering the necessary inputs and pressing the “Calculate” button.

All you need to enter is the base currency, currency pair, account type, and lot size. Once the calculation is complete, the results will appear in the area enclosed in a red frame. Compare and consider which strategy is better, such as short or long, without risk. You can compete with many of your favorite stocks, including USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURJPY, AUDJPY, CADJPY, AUDCAD, EURHUF, USDTRY, USDCHF, EURAUD, GBPCHF, USDHUF, and AUDNZD. Adjust the effective size and settle the new position in the fluctuating market. By utilizing


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