XMTrading: Reputation and word of mouth, company information and acquired license safety Advantages and disadvantages


xmtrading is the most famous overseas Forex company. In this article, we will explain real user reviews, reputation, advantages, and disadvantages. XMTrading is one of the most known Forex companies in the world. It has many users and is said to have the highest number of users in the world. Where is XMTrading’s headquarters and what kind of licenses does it have? I am writing an article on that point.

What are the differences between the three operating companies of XM?

There are actually three companies in XM. If you search online, you should find three hits: XM.com, XMtrading.com, and XMGlobal. The parent company of these three is the same “Trading Point Holdings Ltd”, but they use different domains (companies) depending on the country of service. In FX trading, safety and whether you can win or not are important. In recent years, the number of IB partners has increased, and KIWAMI accounts have also appeared, making the service more complete. We are a reliable and safe company as we have multiple financial licenses.

brand nameXMXMTradingXMGlobal
Operating companyTrading Point Holdings LTDTradexfin LimitedXM Global Limited
Service countryEuropeAsiaothers


XM.com is an overseas Forex company of the XM Group serving the EEA (European Economic Area) and the UK. XM.com is licensed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). It is the largest company, and now its target users are basically Europeans.


XMTrading, introduced in this blog, is an overseas Forex company of the XM Group for the Asian region. XMTrading is licensed by FSA (Seychelles Financial Services Authority). XMTrading has the advantage of not being restricted by leverage regulations, with a maximum leverage of 1000x, and plenty of bonuses. It is most suitable for Japanese people, and as a result, there are many users who use it for a long time.


XMGlobal is XM Group’s overseas Forex company for regions other than Europe and Asia. XMGlobal is licensed by iFSC (Belize International Financial Services Commission), CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and ASIC (Australian Securities and Exchange Commission).

Details of XM company information and basic information

This is about the company information of XMTrading introduced in this blog. The disadvantage is that the spread is quite wide in pips, so the reputation is quite divided between good and bad. Swap points occur, but bonuses and campaigns are generally enriched. The operating company’s security is solid, ensuring both reliability and safety. Assets are carefully managed and there is no refusal to receive funds. You can win with various trading methods. There are also some seminars and lectures given by instructors.

Formal nameTradexfin Limited
trade nameXMTrading
Official sitehttps://www.xmtrading.com/
Head office locationSteliou Mavrommati 80B, Agios Pavlos, 2364, Nicosia, Cyprus
supported languageJapanese, English, Chinese, Malay, Russian, Korean, Thai
Business start dateJune 19, 2009
number of employees210 or more

long-established company

The strength of XMTrading is that it has been in operation for over 10 years. The fact that the swimming period is long means that it is trusted, and it also proves that users can use it with confidence. Many users are satisfied with the content, and the company ranks high in popularity rankings. It has a lot of charm compared to newcomers such as FXGT, and high leverage is possible. It is an overwhelmingly popular company and has a large number of users overall. There is also a professional account, and the spreads are very narrow. There are accounts depending on your purpose.

many servers

XM Trading boasts industry-leading standards in various fields. The servers used by XM Trading are said to be able to process 5000 simultaneous orders per server. It can be said that it is because of XM Trading’s capital strength that we are able to create a comfortable trading environment. Transaction costs are low and contract rejections do not occur. Even if you hold a position, you can make quick payments. The first entry is very easy going. There are some accounts with wide spreads, but there is nothing to worry about.

global company

XM Trading is a company that mainly operates in Asia, and its staff members are made up of many different nationalities. Therefore, there is an advantage that support can be provided in various languages. It is the most successful forex broker compared to major brokers like bigboss, fxgt, titanfx, axiory, gemforex, iforex, exness, fxdd, fxpro, tradeview, hfm, ironfx. Investors are really satisfied with the company because it has a proven track record. There is no price manipulation involved.

Support language

Japanese, English, Chinese, Malaysian, Russian, Korean, Tibetan, Filipino, Taiwanese, Thai, Arabic, Hindi, Greek, Hungarian, French, Polish, Italian English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Czech are supported. XM is a top-class broker as it has common support in all countries. You’re ready to trade.

Rejection of execution

The NDD method is adopted, with no contract rejections or requotes. There are almost no rejections at XM, and orders are successful 99% of the time. In real time, 99% of all orders are executed within 1 second. You will be satisfied with the minimum level, and as you get used to the new trade by yourself, it will become easier to use. By learning, you can realize your ideal trade. Since you can make decisions based on your own judgment, you can trade efficiently.

trading platform

The standard trading platforms are MT4 and MT5, which are very famous and are used by most brokers. Therefore, from a user’s perspective, it is very easy to use, so it can be said to be recommended. Both discretionary trading and automatic trading are possible. MT4 and MT5 are commonly used tools and useful, so try to learn them to some extent. Once you get used to price movements, it’s perfect. However, malicious trading is prohibited. Automated trading (EA) and scalping are OK, but nuisance behavior will result in your account being frozen.

What account types are there?

Most people choose the standard account type, but there are also KIWAMI and zero spread accounts for professional traders. There are also micro accounts for small-value transactions, with a wide variety of account types available. There are four types of customer accounts, which are easy to understand for a major company. You can also trade on your smartphone. If you’re worried, go for a standard account.

Account typeStandard accountmicro accountKIWAMI pole accountzero account
Maximum leverage1,000 times1,000 times1,000 times500 times
Minimum deposit amount$5$5$5$5
BonusNew account opening bonus deposit bonus
trading bonus
New account opening bonus
deposit bonus
trading bonus
New account opening bonusNew account opening bonus
Amount of currency in 1 lot100,000 currency1,000 currencies100,000 currency100,000 currency
Minimum order quantity0.01 lotMT4: 0.01 lot (10 currencies)
MT5: 0.1 lot (100 currencies)
0.01 lot0.01 lot
Maximum number of orders50 lots100 lots50 lots50 lots
Number of stocks handled[FX/currency pair] 57 stocks [FX/precious metals] 4 stocks [CFD/stock index] 30 stocks [CFD/Commodity] [CFD/Energy] 5 stocksSame as leftSame as leftSame as left
transaction feefreefreefree$5 each way

24 hour support

XM offers 24-hour phone, email, and chat support. In addition to email and phone calls, we also offer easy-to-use live chat support, which is very popular. Responses from the reception desk are very fast, and even the smallest questions are answered 365 days a year. I’m grateful because it’s stress-free and I have a wide range of support. You can rest assured even in the unlikely event that a problem occurs.

Abundant deposit and withdrawal methods

XMTrading supports a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods including credit cards, banks, and Bitcoin. Therefore, users are unlikely to have difficulty deciding on deposit and withdrawal methods. It also supports bxone, bitwallet, sticpay, and debit cards, and you can choose from the basic currency categories of US dollar, euro, and Japanese yen. You can also receive a deposit bonus, which is a good deal.

Zero cut system is adopted

XM usually uses a zero cut system. With the “Zero Cut System,” depending on the time of day, if a loss cut (forced settlement) cannot be made in time due to rapid price fluctuations in the market, etc., and a loss exceeding the effective margin of the account occurs, XM will bear the burden. It’s a system. Even if you incur a loss and have a negative balance, XM will operate the system to compensate you. It’s easy to use and gives you peace of mind.

Leverage up to 1000x

XM has a maximum leverage of 1000x, so you can start trading with an extremely small amount, making it an FX broker highly recommended for beginners. It can be said that there are very few brokers in the world that can trade with such high leverage. We handle transactions ranging from small amounts to large amounts. Since the leverage is high from the first time, it is a chance to make a lot of money.

Financial products, stocks handled

XM has a wide variety of stocks and has a good reputation. In addition to foreign exchange, you can also trade in a wide variety of investment products, including virtual currencies (Bitcoin), precious metals (gold, silver), energy, commodities, stocks, and more. The content is quite rich, and there are many brands targeted at Japanese people. There is also metatrader, which is free to download and install, and allows you to trade intuitively. Since there are many stocks, traders with experience and knowledge will be able to trade smoothly.

Perfect security measures

XM has strong security measures, and personal information and profiles are carefully managed. A driver’s license and passport are required for identity verification. Furthermore, prohibited activities are clearly defined, and arbitrage and scalping based on economic indicators are prohibited. Bilateral trading and automatic trading are OK. If you violate the rules in arbitrage, etc., your account may be frozen. The amount will be frozen, making it almost 100% impossible to trade. Once you know the cause, talk to the support center.

Events are often held at XM.

XM hosts free webinars, seminars, surveys, and more. Compared to other companies, we offer many services that are free to use. The service is provided online and will provide detailed explanations. Official and always up-to-date information is posted. We also have a friend-to-friend referral program. Furthermore, there are some calculators for trading swaps, etc., which you can use for free.

It is possible to open corporate accounts and demo accounts.

XM allows you to open a corporate account and even a demo account. Comprehensive functions and specifications are the same as personal accounts. You can freely trade with limit orders, market orders, etc. You can get an overview by asking support. There are also advantages to forming a corporation rather than earning money on your own. You can also trade in foreign exchange and virtual currencies at any time. Demo accounts are for beginners. Start by studying market fundamentals and practice making grounded, purposeful trades in advance. Honestly, even if you lose, it doesn’t matter because it’s not real money. Leaving it alone will only result in a dormant account. Please note that it will be archived in 90 days and there will be maintenance fees for real accounts.

Lots of bonuses and campaigns

The largest company, XM, offers a wide range of bonuses, campaigns, and cashbacks. There are quite a lot of benefits such as the loyalty program (XMP), and you can apply for the credits and points you usually accumulate and instantly turn them into cash for trading. Since points are accumulated frequently, you can quickly grow and save up a considerable amount of money. Since you receive the full amount, there are almost no negative reviews.

User reviews and reputation

The overwhelming majority of XM users are Japanese. The reputation of Japanese users is generally very high, and it is characterized by very high ratings. It is relatively easy to make profits, and there is no worse reputation than forex companies in Japan. There are many bonuses and campaigns that you can receive. Although it is not permitted by Japan’s Financial Services Agency, it is possible to use it for transactions with small amounts. KIWAMI accounts offer narrow spreads.

Opening an account is free

Opening an XM account is free. We also have Islamic accounts and demo accounts, so you can open an account according to your needs. It is also possible to open multiple different accounts. There will be some documentation submission and review, but the process is quick, so you can trade within a few days at the earliest. You can trade every week from major currencies to minor currencies. Let’s learn to win in a short period of time. Please note that if you make a profit, you will need to pay taxes on your final tax return.


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