[FXGT] A thorough explanation of lot calculation limits, maximum and minimum lot limits, and leverage limits


At FXGT, lot limits and maximums vary depending on the account type, so this article will explain how to calculate them and what to be careful of. Therefore, you will need to be aware of the lot when you first open an account. There are account types for each purpose, from small transactions to large transactions, so be sure to choose the one that suits you.

Trading currency volume by account type

The amount of trading currency actually differs depending on the account type, such as mini or ECN. Only Crypto max changes depending on the brand, such as Bitcoin, but for other accounts, it is determined by the brand, such as USD/JPY. The positions that can be held change even with the same 1 lot. The table below shows the amount of trading currency per lot. Please check it to avoid losing funds. Be careful when trading for the first time. Information is basically different for each account. Basically, you will trade by making full use of each MT4 and MT5 provided by the operator. Details can be found on the official website.

Trading currency volume
Crypto max

Maximum and minimum lots by account type

The maximum and minimum lot sizes vary depending on the account type. Only Crypto max varies depending on the stock, but the rest are fixed. The maximum lot size for a Standard+ account is 100 lots, while other accounts can trade at 200 lots. If you are a professional and want to make big profits, you need to understand the following levels. Think about how much you can earn using the platform’s tools and services. Use your basic knowledge to trade while watching the rates.

Crypto max

Leverage limit

FXGT also has leverage restrictions. Leverage restrictions are limited by trading volume. Below are the leverage restrictions for FX currency pairs in the latest information from the operating company. Although FXGT claims that the maximum leverage is 1000 times, the restrictions are gradually imposed depending on the account balance. Please consider carefully before starting. Of course, leverage is important for your own peace of mind. Since capital management is important, we recommend that you trade with a limited amount while watching the price.

Max Leverage

Products that can be traded with 1000x leverage

Products that can be traded with 1000x leverage are FX currency pairs, virtual currencies, and gold. Also, the leverage is changeable, so you can change it to your preferred leverage. There are 8 levels in total: 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, and 1,000x.

Max Leverage
FX major currency, FX minor currency, virtual currency, precious metals1000
fx exotic currencies500
energy, Indice100
Stocks, GTi12, DeFi tokens, NFTs50

Maximum leverage for account type

Maximum leverage is also determined by account type.

Max Leverage
Standard +1000
Crypto Max500

dynamic leverage

FXGT uses dynamic leverage. Dynamic leverage is a system in which the maximum leverage changes depending on the volume of held positions. The mechanism is adjusted according to the trading volume as shown below.

Max Leverage

Leverage change

FXGT allows you to change the leverage in an account that has already been opened. The change procedure is as follows.

  • Log in to FXGT’s My Page
  • Select account from menu
  • 3.Click Change Leverage from the… part of the account for which you want to change the leverage.

Notes on leverage

There are some points to be aware of when using FXGT leverage.

Leverage limits vary depending on issue and margin

As explained above, leverage limits are limited by margin size, account type, and even trading product. Please note that the leverage is not always 1000x in any case.

Changing leverage while holding a position

FXGT has a mechanism in which it is not possible to change the leverage if you already have a position. If you want to make any changes, first close all your positions.

Lot calculation method

How does lot calculation work in FXGT? Margin is involved in holding a lot. The required margin per lot can be calculated as follows.

Trading currency unit × exchange rate ÷ maximum leverage of account = required margin

lot limit

There is a lot limit in FXGT. When trading, it is necessary to enter after considering not only the maximum lot but also the following.

Lot limit for one account

FXGT account types are limited to a total of 200 lots. You can not execute more than the lot limit of the account unit, so do not have more lots. If you have a pre-order, let’s take that into account and don’t exceed 200.

Leverage limit

FXGT is designed so that the account leverage decreases as the number of lots traded increases. Since the leverage limit by the account balance is applied, there is a possibility that the leverage limit will be applied unexpectedly.

Margin maintenance rate

The reason for the lot limit is the margin maintenance rate. The risk of loss cut is very high when trading with a large lot against the margin. If you do not set the lot setting to match the balance, you will get hurt.


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