HFM (former HotForex): What is FIX API? Features and application


Do you know what FIX API is? There are quite a few brokers among forex companies that offer this tool. It seems that it was originally used for stock trading, but now more and more foreign exchange traders use it, so if you want to use it, you should actually try it.

What is FIX API?

FIX stands for Financial Information eXchange and is a protocol used for electronic financial transactions. This function is recommended for those who have expertise in programming and can build a development environment. This is often used by stock and FX traders, and tends to be used by large traders. It is recommended for those who want to do electronic trading. If you want to do system trading, this tool is recommended.

Recommended for programmers

FIX enables the development of trading software without the restrictions of programming languages. If you want to do system trading, you can freely choose and develop a programming language. There is an advantage that orders can be placed in the market with a global standard protocol.

free to develop

If you want to do system trading, MT4 has restrictions such as making it with MQL. There are bound to be platform and language restrictions, but FIX has the advantage of not having that. It is platform independent.

Create trading software

You can create trading software by using this FIX. If you are an engineer interested in trading, I highly recommend applying. It is also recommended that engineers try using it instead of studying. Generally, when using software, it is easier to develop using a library such as QuickFIX.

Recommended for cTrader etc.

Although cTrader is not supported by HFM, it is common for users who want to use this FIX API to link their cTrader accounts. You can use the FIX API to trade on your cTrader account. The basic mechanism of FIX is to interact with the cTrader server using the FIX API. Therefore, it is very convenient because the correspondence does not change depending on the Forex broker and the specifications do not change.

Apply for FIX API

You can apply for FIX API from the website. Click “FIX API” from “Platform”.


トレーディングAPI | ラピッドトレーダー FIX API プラットフォーム | HFM

Source : HFM

Write and send the required information. The minimum deposit amount for FIX/API accounts is stipulated as 200,000 USD, so be careful here. Partial withdrawals are restricted when the account balance is less than 200,000 USD.

Source : HFM

Open a free account

If you want to use FIX with HFM, you must also open an account. Please refer to the article below for instructions on how to open an account.


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