Exness: Do you have a dream in FX? How traders can become millionaires


Forex has advantages and disadvantages, but if you trade well, you can become a millionaire. Most forex traders often dream of becoming a millionaire. FX is the only investment method that ordinary people can become rich.

Forex traders have a dream

The reason why it is said that FX traders have dreams is as follows. You can become a millionaire even if you are unemployed. If you trade a lot with high leverage and don’t lose, you will become a millionaire. We will summarize the information. Even in the FX industry, there are few people who can make money in FX due to the risks and losses, but if you can consistently win in the financial market, you can increase your assets economically. If you are unsure, study currency pairs and use them successfully.

FX has no qualifications or requirements

In the first place, FX does not have an examination, and there is no interview test called employment. Furthermore, even unemployed, freeters, and housewives can easily open an account with a Forex company. Forex is very fair and there is no discrimination, so it is a world where opportunities are spread fairly for everyone, so everyone has a chance to become a millionaire. FX has the following features.

Ordinary people can become rich

It is a trader that ordinary people can become rich. There are chances to become a millionaire in forex, stocks and even cryptocurrencies. As explained above, there is no educational or occupational examination when starting Forex, so even those who have had a difficult life have the opportunity to become successful. This is why dreams are said to exist.

Earn big money with little money

Forex has a system called leverage. This is the principle of leverage, and it is a mechanism that can increase the capital at once. However, when it comes to real estate investment, a lot of funds are needed in the first place, and the reality is that many people are frustrated. However, in the case of FX, it is a world where you can suddenly make a small amount to 10,000 dollars.

24 hours tradeable

Forex can basically be traded 24 hours a day on weekdays. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so we can’t trade at all, but as long as we have a smartphone, we can trade on the go. In other words, there is a great advantage that you can trade regardless of location, so even busy people have a chance to earn money.

No academic background required, no work history required

Forex can be successful even if you have a junior high school diploma. Forex has neither educational background nor work experience. Therefore, there is a possibility that you can earn a lot even if you are a freeter or unemployed. When it comes to earning money at work, there are many cases where you cannot get a job due to skills, experience, age, etc., but FX is very fair because there is no such thing.

Occupation other than trader

On the other hand, office workers other than traders have the following disadvantages. The common thing is that there is a salary, so if you are worried, you can rest assured. However, as a trader, you must continue to win on your own. At first, they need to acquire knowledge without any services such as education. To succeed as a business professional, you need to be able to make predictions from charts and win. You also need to gather some information from online news, content, etc.

income is limited

The disadvantage of being an employee is that your income is limited. Because the market principle works, the annual income always hits a ceiling somewhere, and it is difficult to go any further. So there are bound to be limits.


It’s a tough world for employees. Employees are at risk of being laid off. As a result, there are many cases where employees are not rewarded no matter how hard they work. There are also cases where employees are fired for poor performance even though they have done nothing wrong.


Employees can lose their jobs regardless of their results. Because I don’t know if the company will exist forever. If a company goes bankrupt, even the best employees will lose their jobs. In that case, of course, you will have to change jobs, but there is no guarantee that there will be another job.


Forex traders can trade until they die, but in the case of company employees, there is a retirement system. Even if you want to work, there are many cases where you can’t work anymore due to the company’s system. Human life expectancy will exceed 100 years from now, but there are few companies that raise the retirement age.

Forex has a dream

As mentioned above, being an office worker has too many restrictions and you have no choice but to live a somewhat fixed life. However, although it takes several years to become a successful FX trader, there are great benefits and it is a dream. That is why there are so many people who do FX. It is said that only 10% of traders are successful, but there are still many people who try. There are beginners who have grown to the point where they can make a profit and live. When you have time, check the market and really get started. If you continue to win, you will be able to make the maximum profit. Look at the environment, rates, and other tools so that you can make your own judgment. It becomes very difficult to fail and you can win depending on how you do it.

Exness is for scalping

Exness is for scalping. This is because the spread is extremely narrow. Therefore, if you like scalping, please register with Exness and start trading. Since opening an account is free, please refer to the following article to open an account.


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