Exness:Account Type and Features: Zero Account Differences from Exness FX Low Spread


Among the trading account types of Exness, we recommend the zero account, and we will explain its features, advantages, and disadvantages in this article. This is a dedicated account for advanced traders. The zero account is the only one that has a mechanism called “zero spread”, and it is very attractive because it uses zero spread.

zero account

The Zero account will be a professional account. Among the three types of accounts for professionals, the “zero account” with zero spread is different from the “low spread account”, and the “zero account” has a carefully selected list of the most popular major currencies and minor currency pairs. You can do 30 specific stocks with zero spread without spread. However, you need to be careful as there is a fee for each transaction. You can open an account from the link below.

Minimum initial deposit amountfrom $1000
Maximum leverageUnlimited leverage
transaction feeOne-way $0.1 per lot
Average spreads for major currency pairsUSD/JPY:0 pips
EUR/USD:0 pips
GBP/USD:0.1 pips
margin call30%
order executionmarket execution
Number of stocks handledFX: 75 Precious metals: 10 Cryptocurrencies: 34 Energies: 2 Stocks: 97 Indices: 9 Total: 226
Supported trading platformsMT4/MT5 Web Terminal/Trading App

The characteristics of the zero account are as follows. Zero account is an account type for intermediate and advanced users and has transaction costs. Among overseas FX companies, we have the narrowest spreads in the industry. You can also use automatic trading (EA) tools. There are no campaigns or bonuses. Due to the specifications, it is possible to create multiple different new accounts in the personal area.

Zero cut adopted

If the balance becomes negative, a zero cut system will be applied as standard, and if there is a large loss, a loss cut will also be applied. Therefore, it is an advantageous setting for traders. Please also check the frequently asked questions on the official website for the latest information. The operating company also holds a license from the Financial Services Agency, so there is no need to worry.

Handling of financial products

Our financial products include major currency pairs (US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, pound), minor currency pairs, and exotic currency pairs. You can also trade gold, virtual currency (Bitcoin), stock indices, and CFDs. Swing trading currencies such as CAD and CHF can also be traded. You can also trade for higher amounts.

Maximum lot and loss cut

The minimum lot is 0.01 and small transactions are possible, and the maximum lot is 200, allowing you to hold a large number of positions. The loss cut limit level is 0, which means that the balance is zero and you can withstand losses until you lose the entire amount. Since it is a risk, we recommend adding funds or cutting your loss when the margin is around 0%. Swap points will also be generated if the date is crossed.

A fee will be charged

The disadvantage of a zero account is that there is a fee for each currency pair. The maximum fee for a low spread account was $7, but the fee for a zero account changes depending on the number of lots and the conditions, and it can cost more than $7 one way. When we actually confirmed that execution rejections (re-quotes) occur even with market orders and limit orders, they almost never occur, and settlement is easy and smooth. Some payments will fail during the indicated time period.

narrow spread

Basically, this account type has a good balance compared to other companies, and you can trade not only USDJPY, GBPUSD, and EURUSD, but also Bitcoin in the market with a normal spread of almost zero. There is a commission fee when trading, but the spread is almost zero, so it is of course suitable for scalping. It has a good reputation because it allows you to trade in an optimal style in a real environment.

For scalping

This account type is recommended for traders who primarily focus on scalping, as the spreads are very narrow. This account type is recommended for scalping traders along with low spread accounts. Slippage does not occur often.

Difference between low spread account and zero account

The minimum spread for the zero account is 0.0 for the top 30 products only, but the low spread account has an extremely low spread. Also, the transaction fee when placing an order is different for zero account and low spread account. For a zero account, the transaction fee starts from USD 0.1 per lot, one way, but for a low spread account, the transaction fee is up to USD 3.5 per lot, one way.

Advantages of a zero account

Currently, with a zero account, you can place orders at 0.0 pips with zero spread. The Zero account is the only account type in Exness that is always zero spread, so it is highly recommended for scalping traders to select when starting out. Similar to a low spread account, the benefits are that commissions are kept low and fixed for each brand, making it easier to predict and manage transaction costs. Compared to others, you can order instantly, so there’s no stress.

Disadvantages of zero account

For reference, unlike the Low Spread Account, where the transaction fee is fixed at a maximum of $3.5 per lot per lot, and the Standard Account, which is free of commission, the fee for the Zero Account varies from $0.1 each way depending on the service brand. Of course, when looking at the specs between a low spread account and a zero account, there is a difference in the total transaction cost. Please note that the spread may widen considerably depending on the time of announcement of important economic indicators. However, the common thing is that the trading rules are free and you can trade freely, so you can trade in the most suitable style.


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