FBS: What is the loyalty program? Thorough explanation of overseas FX loyalty bonus


FBS FX account trading offers many customer-only loyalty bonus programs, campaigns, and services, and the points can be exchanged, so I will explain them. Therefore, if you are interested, please consider registering. Registration for an FBS account is free, and it is introduced in the article below, so if you are interested, please open an account.

What is a loyalty program?

The latest loyalty program is a benefit provided only to users who have opened an FBS account. You can win prizes just by participating. You can check what events are currently being held by logging in. Please log in first. Select a loyalty program. There is no particular risk, and it is possible to exchange cash and receive cash back just by trading currency pairs, so it is a big advantage in terms of content.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

You can participate by clicking the button below.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

There are cases where other companies such as XM, BigBoss, FXGT, and TitanFX offer points like this, but FBS points are even more luxurious and you can even get real prizes. It will be explained later. The amount of fees you can get is as follows. The points you receive will vary 100% depending on the rank of the function. The first time you start is green, and the reward changes depending on the level. You can actually apply and get started at any time from the personal area of the official website.

Status PointsTotal Money
Green0 – 0$ –
Silver300 – 15$ –
Gold1000 – 250000$ –
Platinum3000 –500000$ –

How to accumulate points

Loyalty programs reward you every time you make a transaction or invite a new customer. Therefore, the more active users are, the more likely we are to recommend this program. There are people who are making money by mastering scalping in currencies that have large fluctuations, such as virtual currencies. For more information, please contact support in advance. There are conditions to obtain status evaluation.


Loyalty programs have status. It starts with green, followed by silver, gold, and finally platinum. When you join our loyalty program, you automatically receive Green Loyalty status. Conditions must be met to upgrade your loyalty status. The condition is that if you are a trader, you must make the necessary deposit. For partners, achieving the customer’s required turnover rate. Furthermore, both traders and partners are subject to obtaining the required status points. The conditions are shown in the diagram above.

status upgrade

In the loyalty program, status points are accumulated each time conditions are met. Status points are points that can be used to upgrade your loyalty status. You can upgrade by earning a lot of status points. You can upgrade from silver to gold and from gold to platinum.

Point return rate for each status

The point return rate varies depending on the status. The following four conversion points will be awarded per 1 lot trade. Investors should refer to the overview when taking on the challenge.



Pay attention to the fact that you can accumulate points and receive benefits for each rank and position depending on your status. If you have a head office manager, they will also let you learn trading. We also offer a wide range of services, including priority deposits and withdrawals, priority online chat, and more.

Deposits and withdrawals
Priority response
online chat
Priority response
Birthday giftExclusive manager


With the FBS loyalty program, you can collect points and receive luxurious gifts. The products you receive will vary depending on your status. Needless to say, those with higher status can receive more luxurious prizes. 100 points will be a fairly large prize. If you earn more than 500 points, you will receive a big prize such as an iPhone.

PointsTrade Days
Free VPS ServerGreen3310
Coaching SessionGreen5010
FBS Lucky PresentGreen5020
Points to MoneySilver1005
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3Silver25030
Samsung Galaxy S9 256GBSinver50030
Apple iPhoneSilver50030
13inch MacBook AirGold60050
iMac ProGold60050
Rolex SubmarinerGold1000070
Rolex YachmasterPlatinum3000070

Open a free account

You can open an account with FBS for free. If you are interested, please open an account. FBS has a wide range of bonuses and campaigns that eligible accounts can receive. If you have a professional account, you can place orders 24 hours a day with a narrow pips width. The servers are stable, there are no rejections, and contests are held, so it is the most active FX company. You can greatly increase your funds.


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