FBS: Is the double-denominated method of overseas FX prohibited? Possibility of account freeze


FBS is an overseas Forex broker, but are they allowed to do both? For those who do not know about prohibited items, I will explain them. FBS is a popular broker with many traders registered and trading worldwide. However, traders must follow the rules set by FBS. Please note that if you do not follow the rules, your account may be frozen.

What is Hedge? Features of FX trading

Hedge is a method to prevent risks and losses. Holding both buy and sell positions in the same way at the same time as the market transaction timing. The reason is that one side that is making a negative loss can be cut quickly, and the other side can be pulled out, resulting in a large profit. Since you have two positions, you need to have a large margin balance. If you place a lot in a currency pair and a trend appears, you can make a lot of money. Swap points will be generated if you trade across days.

Are there any prohibitions? Are both buildings prohibited?

Users who have registered with FBS must abide by the following prohibitions and rules. If you are placing a large number of entry orders using either MT4MT5, please check. In fact, not only will you incur a lot of loss with your investment funds, but depending on the details, your account may be frozen due to worst-case management.

Both FBS and other FX brokers

It is prohibited to use both FBS and other FX brokers. Both houses are allowed. For example, there is no prohibition on placing multiple positions on multiple FBS accounts or on the same account. A double position means placing a buy and sell position at the same time. One is to cut your losses as quickly as possible, and the other is to maximize unrealized gains and take profits.


Arbitrage is prohibited on FBS. Arbitrage is a method of making profits by taking advantage of market price differences. This trade is often prohibited by other FX brokers, so users should never do it.

Operation of multiple accounts

On FBS, each person has one account. You can create multiple accounts within an account, so there is no point in creating multiple accounts. Operating multiple accounts is prohibited.

Fraudulent acquisition of bonuses

FBS has a deposit bonus system, but fraudulent acquisition of bonuses is prohibited. If this is discovered, penalties such as bonus cancellation may be taken.

Trades that put a load on the server

FBS prohibits trading that places a load on the server. If a large number of trades are made in a very short period of time, it will place an excessive load on the server and will be very inconvenient for users.

scalping is ok

Scalping trades are allowed in FBS. A professional account is recommended for scalping trading with FBS. Pro accounts have the narrowest spreads, so you can trade at a considerable advantage.

Automatic trading is OK

Automatic trading is allowed in FBS. Although it is possible to trade using automatic trading, automatic trading itself is not recommended. This is because most traders lose all their money. We do not recommend this as it is highly dangerous.

If you commit a prohibited act

If you engage in any of the prohibited acts listed above, the following cases may occur: Prohibited acts are also determined by other companies such as bigboss, titanfx, exness, xm, axiory, and iforex.

account freeze

Account freezing is a penalty in which one account within the account becomes unusable. As a result, users will not be able to trade or deposit or withdraw money from the relevant account.

Freeze account

Account freezing means that the user’s account itself is frozen. This means that you will not be able to create an account, so you will be stopped from using FBS, which is a serious measure.

What if it gets frozen?

If you receive a penalty such as account freezing, please contact the support center. Whether or not the freeze can be lifted depends on negotiations with the support center. If you cannot cancel, you may not be able to use FBS.


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