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We have researched information on FX companies regarding FBS’s reputation, word of mouth, and safety, so we will introduce trading and bonuses for accounts used. FBS is one of the most popular FX brokers around the world. The important point to note is that the maximum leverage is 3000x. Although there are leverage restrictions, this broker is the only one that allows you to trade with such high leverage. It also uses a zero cut system, so you can feel very safe.

FBS Company Profile

FBS is a FX broker based in Vanuatu. Established in 2009, it is an FX broker with a very long history of operation. It has successfully expanded globally and has branch offices all over the world. There is also a financial license. It is well known among overseas FX traders, and deposits and withdrawals can be made safely. It is very safe and has obtained multiple financial licenses, so it will be an advantage. It supports high lots and allows profits to be made by trading under high leverage conditions. If the margin becomes negative, a zero cut will be applied.

Operation CompanyMitsui Markets Ltd.
Address133 Santina Parade, Elluk,
Port Vila, Efale, Vanuatu

Global expansion

FBS has its operating company headquartered in Vanuatu, but also has branch offices. FBS also has bases in Belize and Cyprus, and each company has obtained a financial license from the Financial Services Agency in each location, as stated on the official website. Therefore, it is a very large company. If you check the popularity rankings of each FX company, it can be said that it is a good company if it ranks high. There is also an account type with a narrow pips width setting, which is attractive because it is popular and highly rated.

Mitsui Markets Ltd.VanuatuVFSC
FBS Markets IncBelizeIFSC
Tradestone LimitedCyprosCySEC

financial license

Financial licenses have been obtained from the domestic Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Belize International Financial Services Commission, and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and it is safe because it is regulated by various financial authorities. There are a total of 3 financial licenses, so you can log in with great peace of mind and make well-balanced investments. You can rest assured that it is top class in terms of reliability compared to others.

Separate management

FBS uses separate management. Company assets and user assets are managed separately, so there is no need to worry about them being used without permission. In fact, we have never received a warning, and overall it is safer than other companies. This system is also adopted by XM, axiory, hotforex, gemforex, traderstrust, fxgt, titanfx, exness, iforex, ironfx, land-fx, etc.

Trust preservation system

FBS currently has a trust preservation system, which is announced on its official page. What this means is that even if the FX broker goes bankrupt and goes bankrupt, 100% of the customer’s assets are valid and their contents are guaranteed. This means that it is fully guaranteed. While there are some bad companies out there, this is probably one of the best companies in the industry.

What types of FBS accounts are there?

There are three account types. Cent accounts are for small transactions only, standard accounts are for beginners, and professional accounts are for experienced traders. No matter which one you choose, the products we carry are the same. If you don’t want to make big losses, use the cent account, if you want to trade if you have more than you need, use the professional account, and if you want to live safely, use the standard account. Each has its own disadvantages, so try to compete with the lowest amount of funds.

Max Leverage1,0003,0002,000
precious metal
stock indice
precious metal
stock indice
precious metal
stock indice
Lots1,000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency
Min Lot0.010.010.01
Max Lot1,000500500
Max Position500500Unlimited
Auto Trade
Margin Call40%40%30%
Loss Cut20%20%10%
Zero Cut
Trade ToolMT4
FBS Trader
Base CurrencyJPY
Min Deposit1$1$200$

Select the base currency from US dollar, euro, or Japanese yen. The minimum deposit amount is $1, and you can trade immediately after personal authentication. Download our trading platform tools. The maximum lot is either 500 or 1000, which is highly recommended. Trading conditions depend overwhelmingly on account specifications. However, since it uses zero cut, there is no margin call unless you commit a prohibited act.

Features, advantages, and disadvantages of FBS

The characteristics of FBS are as follows. Since the leverage is high, you can hold many positions as is. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive range of financial products such as virtual currencies, FX currency pairs, precious metals, energy, stocks, and stock indexes, as well as a full range of support from our staff and cashback services. This is a convenient service as you can complete the procedure and start high leverage trading at any time using a smartphone app.

Many deposit methods available

There are many deposit methods. We fully support bank transfer remittances, credit cards, debit cards, and online wallets such as sticpay and bitwallet, and we have not had any deposits or withdrawals refused in the past. There are rules to keep in mind, so please follow them. The app also allows for realistic screen operations. It will take some time for it to be reflected. Fees will be charged for each medium.

bonus campaign

A feature of FBS Group is that they hold luxurious bonus campaigns. If you have a Cent account or a Standard account, you can receive the latest bonus. You can get a bonus of $100 just when you open a new account, so it’s a great deal. However, the terms and conditions for the account opening bonus are strict. Also, even if a bonus is given, there is no cushion function. Please refer to the following for details.

Maximum leverage 3,000x

FBS has a standard account with a maximum leverage of 3000x. It is possible to trade many times the amount with a small amount of capital. However, be very careful as there are leverage restrictions when your account balance becomes large. The leverage ratio can be changed to 200x, 500x, 1000x, and 2000x in the same account. The profit you can earn will also vary, so the more experience you have, the better.

Excellent customer service

FBS has excellent customer service. It is multilingual and has many types, and is supported in major languages such as English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Chinese. If you have a problem, you can trust that you can resolve it by contacting these supports.

wide spread

Cent and Standard accounts allow you to receive bonuses, but the spreads tend to be relatively wide. Therefore, if you want an account with a narrow spread, we recommend a professional account, but be careful about transaction costs. If you manage your funds well, you can make a lot of money with automatic trading (EA), trading, scalping, etc. When entering, be careful of prohibited matters such as arbitrage.

Copy trading possible

Copy trading is possible on FBS. Even novice traders can win by copy trading and having a professional trader manage their account funds. Please note that there are fees involved when using copy trading.

Plenty of platforms

There are a wide variety of platforms, and in addition to our own, it supports MT4 and MT5, so you can easily start trading. We also offer VPS services without any risks. If you follow the terms and conditions carefully, your account will not be frozen. Use it to your advantage and make optimal trades. Even if your order becomes negative, you can rest assured that the loss cut will be applied.

Low execution power and slippery

FBS may not be very suitable for scalping traders. The tendency of FBS is that execution power is low and slippery. Contract rejections also occur occasionally. For that reason, it is a little difficult for short-term traders. There are three types of accounts, but users should try using more than one and choose the one that suits them best. Let’s keep the price down and trade. Swap points also occur.

Few currency pairs

FBS tends to handle fewer trading products. However, overall, it handles a wide variety of stocks, with over 100 stocks available for trading. However, it is attractive because there are so many major stocks such as basic foreign exchange and Bitcoin. In addition, the server environment is also complete.


Reputation and reviews

FBS has traders all over the world. The following is a quote from TradersUnion, a review site for FX brokers around the world. FBS’s main users will be Southeast Asia and Africa. Other than that, there are a lot of core users in Brazil as well. Here are some user reviews.

Source : Tradersunion

I have been working with the FBS broker for about a year now. I am a trader and affiliate. Everything is stable so far, payments are timely, but the commission is small. The affiliate program brings small, but steady money.

Source : Tradersunion

Registration with the broker took a very long time, and the verification was even worse. After all of my tribulations, I opened a cent (micro) account. I am trading little by little and gaining experience. Orders are executed quickly. I can’t say anything about the withdrawal of funds, I have not reached that yet.

Source : Tradersunion

The company offers good trading conditions, there is a regulator. This is what attracted me to FBS. Among the advantages, I will name the fast execution of orders. The disadvantage is that the terminal freezes. It happened several times within a couple of years, but it’s still unpleasant. It is a pity that there is no cryptocurrency, and they do not provide for trust management. The support is really fast.

Source : Tradersunion

fbs once won many international awards in competitions among Forex brokers. And this broker has many licenses. Therefore, when I was choosing a company for trading in the financial markets, I decided to open an account with fbs. And now it’s been almost five years. Indeed, the broker is not perfect, like everyone else. But you can and should trade here.

Source : Tradersunion

My review of fbs is positive. I started trading here 6 months ago. fbs is a very famous broker with a high rating. I studied the company itself, its conditions, and reviews, and decided to open a trading account. Last week I withdrew the first profit, the money came to the card the next day. So fbs is a decent broker and you can work with it.

Source : Tradersunion

FBS suits me completely. At first I used scalping, now I trade intraday, but with a lower trading frequency. Spread for some pairs can indeed be higher than that of other brokers. But in general, spread is good, even when widening. Slippage is rare, which provides for a good entry and exit. I recommend opening accounts in FBS.

Source : Tradersunion

I was looking for a broker without slippage, and decided on FBS. I can’t say that the broker is perfect, as there are problems. But slippages here are not systemic in nature, and if they occur, then with a small number of points. This is pleasing, because losses are not more than planned. The platform practically does not freeze. Once there was a delay in payment. But FBS withdraws the money, there is no doubt.

Source : Tradersunion

I give only positive review of FBS. I want to note the excellent execution of orders, an almost uninterrupted flow of quotes, and gaps that appear only during strong market movements. I have been trading in this company for four years, and during this time there was no desire to change the broker. Withdrawal of funds from FBS is also fast.

Source : Tradersunion

FBS has established itself as a market leader long ago. This broker is very experienced, I know it from my own experience. The FBS structure is considered the best in trading. This is a nice and fast trading platform. The broker allows automated trading, and compensates for fees. If something is not clear, support will always answer any questions. There have never been problems with trading.

Source : Tradersunion

You can open an account for free

You can open an account with FBS for free. There is no risk, so if you are interested, please open an account. When you start, you will be required to submit and upload your ID as your name, address, etc. will be verified and regulations will be checked. Once registration is completed, additional accounts can be opened. If you have any questions, please ask using the form on the official website. Trading is possible from Monday to Friday. There is summer time and winter time.





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