XMTrading: How to deposit money into your account Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Diners


When you start trading with XM, you have to make a deposit by credit card or bank transfer. For those who want to know about XM deposits and withdrawals, we have articles about credit cards and debit cards that are eligible for deposits.

Cards that can be used for deposits / cards that cannot be used

In modern society, there are many prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Which cards can be used with XMTrading during the procedure? In addition to credit cards, XM also supports different payment methods such as domestic bank transfer, bitwallet, stickpay, and bxone. When trading, be sure to log in and pay attention to your balance. Online wallets are the fastest. If you don’t know, ask support.

Card brands that can be used for deposits

The card brands that XM accepts are “VISA card” and “JCB card”. However, depending on the issuer of your card, you may not be able to deposit to XM even if you are using a VISA or JCB card. This is because some card issuers do not allow deposits using shopping quotas to overseas financial institutions, including XM.

Card brands that cannot be used for deposits

Payments cannot be made from Mastercard, American Express, Diners, etc. Until a few years ago, MasterCard was also a target card for XM, but it is no longer available.

The number of cards that cannot be used for deposits is increasing

Recently, an increasing number of popular credit card companies are suspending or restricting the use of their cards for foreign exchange transactions. In many cases, the credit limit is limited to around 1 million yen. The reason is to prevent fraud. Even if you can use the card without any problems now, we cannot deny the possibility that it may become unusable in the future. If your card cannot be used to deposit to XM, we apologize for the inconvenience, but you should look for other deposit methods. If there are no new deposits and it takes a very long time for them to be reflected, please contact your credit card company.

XMTrading deposit procedure and method

Please refer to the article below for the procedure and method of depositing into your XMTrading account. With BitWallet, etc., you can deposit money even on Saturdays and Sundays, but there will be a transfer fee and it will take time depending on the method to receive the money. If you have any trouble, such as being rejected, be sure to contact our support service with your My Page account number. Easily respond in real time.

Credit/debit card fees

When depositing or withdrawing money using a credit card or debit card at XM, there are no fees for any method. For both types, it is prohibited to use the name of a family member, etc., and it is important that the name is the person himself/herself. You can use it immediately by writing it in Roman letters when inputting.

Credit/Debit Card Receipt Reflection Time

If you deposit with a credit card or debit card at XM, the deposit amount will be reflected “immediately” in your XM account. Even if you return to the member page immediately from the payment completion screen, the payment has already been reflected.

Credit card/debit card amount

Minimum deposit amount500yen10,000yen
Deposit limit (upper limit)Without limitUp to 750,000 yen once

With VISA, you can deposit from 500 yen with no upper limit, and with JCB, you can deposit from 10,000 yen and the upper limit is 750,000 yen per transaction. Deposits can be made with JCB, but withdrawals will be made by overseas bank remittance. Withdrawals of VISA will be “withdrawal as cancellation of deposit”.

Base currency of depositable account

VISA cards support all base currencies of XM accounts, but JCB cards do not support EUR. Use a VISA card to deposit to an EUR account.

Credit card pre-registration

XM does not require users to pre-register their cards. Therefore, there is no need to upload a photo of the card.

Midnight or holiday credit card deposits

If you pay by card, you don’t have to worry about the time because it will be reflected immediately 24 hours a day. If this is a bank transfer, it will be handled on the next business day.


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