Overseas FX What is FXGT’s eWallet? Explanation of funds transfer, withdrawal methods such as virtual currency, and precautions until reflection


I will explain how to deposit and withdraw FXGT’s virtual currency and currencies by using the account wallet. What you need to transfer funds is something called an ewallet. There is a system and rule that when transferring funds, it must always go through eWallet. Therefore, this time we have summarized in detail the precautions and methods for transferring funds.

Features of fund transfer

We will explain the characteristics and information of GT Group’s fund transfer. The system allows you to specify the amount on the wallet page and follow the procedures to send money. We will make the most of this when adding and withdrawing assets from bitwallet (BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP), sticpay addresses, and bank accounts. Also, if you are using a credit or debit card, you can pay with VISA, JCB, or Mastercard, so be careful about the brand.

Via eWallet

All fund transfers must go through the eWallet. This is the same for both deposits and withdrawals. Please note that funds cannot be transferred directly between MT5 accounts. In other words, when transferring funds between MT5 accounts, it is necessary to go through eWallet once. After transferring to eWallet, the flow will be to transfer funds to another MT5 account again.


There are no fees required for transferring funds. No matter how many times you transfer funds, you don’t have to worry about any fees. You can also send money in advance with BitWallet from the menu while scalping with the tool, so check it out.

required time

The funds transfer will be completed immediately. If you cannot transfer funds, there is a high possibility that some kind of trouble has occurred. In that case, please contact the support center.

Funds in Position

Even if you hold a position, you can move part of your margin from your MT5 account. We are also available if you need funds for some reason during trading. However, if you transfer some of your funds, your margin will decrease accordingly, which will lower your margin maintenance rate. Therefore, please understand that depending on your balance, you may easily incur a loss. Depending on your purpose, you may want to make the payment first.


If you transfer funds, the bonus will disappear according to the fund ratio. So be careful. In other words, the bonus cannot be moved, so be careful. The only funds that can be transferred are the self-funded funds and the profits earned from trading.

Transfer funds to another account

Funds cannot be transferred to another account. Funds can only be transferred to MT5 accounts of the same account.

base currency

There is a caveat. In order to transfer funds, the “MT5 key currency” and the “type of funds to be transferred” must be the same. If the eWallet and MT5 account currencies are different, funds cannot be transferred. If you want to transfer funds, match the currency of your eWallet with the base currency of your MT5 account.

Fund transfer method

Now, I will describe the minimum requirements for actually transferring funds between eWallet and MT5 accounts. It takes some time from the administration to apply and receive the money. With Bitcoin and Ethereum, you do it yourself, and it takes a little time to process the transaction, but it will be reflected in your credit card within 48 hours. Fiat currencies such as bank accounts may take longer.

MT5 account from eWallet

When transferring funds from your eWallet to your MT5 account, first log in to My Page. Next, click “Transfer funds to MT5” from Actions.

Source : https://fxgt.com/

Select the destination account. Note that you must create an MT5 account for the destination in advance. Because if you don’t do that, you can’t transfer funds.

Move left or right on the bar to determine the funds to move. You are done. It is designed to be reflected immediately.

eWallet from MT5 account

Next is the method of transferring funds from the MT5 account to the eWallet in the reverse pattern. Select “Transfer funds to eWallet” from Actions.

Source : https://fxgt.com/

Next, select the MT5 account from which funds will be transferred.

Enter the amount you want to transfer, or move the bar left or right, and press “Transfer Funds to eWallet” at the bottom right. That’s it! Please note that this mechanism is also used by other companies (XM, axiory, tradeview, threetrader, bigboss, etc.).


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