FXGT: What is Swap Free? Target stock


This article explains the swap-free eligible stocks and trading account types of FXGT, an overseas FX company. Do you know what swap points are? FXGT adopted a swap point free system in 2022. By becoming swap-free, the cost of trading has been changed to zero. This has made it easier to hold stocks that previously had negative swap points for buy and sell.

What is swap-free?

Do you know what is swap-free in the first place? A swap point is a fee paid or received when a position is carried over from day to day. Before the introduction of swap-free, many users were dissatisfied because the swap points were set higher than other brokers. However, a swap-free system will be introduced in 2022. This is also clearly stated on the official website. Swap-free makes it easier to hold positions for a long time because there is no cost when carrying over positions to the next day.

Target issue

Swap-free has been introduced in FXGT are virtual currency, gold, and stock index. Swap points for many stocks, including FX currency pairs, remain unchanged. Therefore, there is not much merit for those who are trading mainly in foreign exchange.

virtual currency

When we researched virtual currencies, we found that stocks with high trading volume and popular stocks were eligible for swap-free trading. The trend is to mainly use large major currencies such as Bitcoin, as well as coins such as Polkadot, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin, but the proportion of transactions is small among all of them. Investors can utilize their credit to invest in these financial products.


Stock index

Stock index stocks become swap-free for only 3 days after execution. It is recommended because it is a carefully selected financial product brand in the industry and has a low upper limit on transaction costs. The underlying volatility is not that high, so it is recommended even for those without experience or knowledge. Download the platform from the website and give it a try.


Advantages of swap-free

How will swap-free trading change? These include:

Long-term holding

Until now, by carrying over positions across days, swap points could occur and become negative. If it is swap-free, there will be no cost when carrying over positions, so you can buy and sell at any time. And it became easier to hold as a long position across the day.

No weekend payment required

Swap points will not occur for stock index stocks for 3 days after holding a position. Swap points were generated even while the market was closed, but now that they are free, they can be carried over to Monday without generating swap points.

Eligible account type

The account types available for swap-free are as follows: There are eligible and ineligible accounts among mini, crypto max, standard, PRO, and ECN. The maximum leverage for each is 1000x. Detailed information is provided below.


Swap-free conditions

Only the environments of professional accounts and ECN accounts are swap-free. But there are conditions. According to the latest information, trading targets are often high interest rate currencies such as miners and exotic currencies.

CryptoPlease note that MT5 account points will be generated for PRO accounts and ECN accounts.
IndicePRO account: first 6 days from entry
ECN account: first 3 days from entry
Gold PRO account: first 6 days from entry
ECN account: first 3 days from entry
ForexPRO account: first 6 days from entry
OtherPRO account: first 6 days from entry

Swap-free conditions are only available for a few days after entry. Please note that swap points will occur normally after that.

Stocks not eligible for swap free

There are some stocks that are not eligible for swap-free trading. Basically, major currencies such as the US dollar, Japanese yen, and euro are adjusted and excluded.


On the other hand, foreign exchange has not become swap-free. Also, swap-free is not introduced for some cryptocurrencies. The following cryptocurrency stocks are not subject to swap-free. Also, please note that Synthetic Pairs are not eligible. Synthetic pairs are stocks that combine cryptocurrencies with products from different markets, such as stock indices and gold.

DeFiChainlink、Wrapped Bitcoin、Ox ZRX、Republic、Uniswap、Synthetix、Crypto.com coin、Aave、Compound、Polygon


Please note that swap points will be generated for precious metals and energies other than gold and silver.


Gold/Silver held for more than 4 days

For gold and silver, swap points will be generated after the 4th day of holding the position. Swap trading is free within 3 days, so there is no problem with swing trading as long as you settle early. Please note that stocks also generate swap points.


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