FXGT: What is GTi12? Thorough explanation of virtual currency features, trading conditions, and leverage restrictions


This article explains overseas FX brokers, FXGT’s virtual currency, GTi12 types and transactions, leverage limits, etc. Have you ever heard of the term GTi12? GTi12 refers to the CFD index symbol for cryptocurrencies. The GTi12 index is available for trading on GT Group. We will explain what GTi12 is and the conditions for transactions. To trade GTi12, you must open an account. Let’s open an account.

What is GTi12? What is it?

GTi12 is an original index developed by a team of GT Group technical specialists. It consists of an index linked to the prices of 12 types of virtual currencies, and you can make large trades using margin. You can make lots and have many positions, so you have the potential to earn money. Pairs are made up of standard pairs that are different from stocks and stock indexes. Please note that there will be a zero cut, so be sure to have a large amount of funds.

Features of GTi12

The GTi12 index consists of 12 types. An index is an index that shows market trends. In the case of GTi12, it shows an index for virtual currency market trends. The GTi12 index is comprised of cryptocurrency stocks with high market capitalization and tends to indicate market movements of cryptocurrencies. Traders can buy different stocks and make profits. Dynamic leverage is used, so you can trade at 20x, 50x, 100x, etc.

12 coins

So what do the 12 coins refer to? This includes the following major brands. It is a unique currency pair and brand along with defi tokens and synthetics. Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

BTCThe world’s first and most famous cryptocurrency
XRPCryptocurrencies released in 2013
ETHCryptocurrency with market capitalization second only to Bitcoin
BCHCryptocurrency created by Bitcoin’s hard walk in 2017
LTCA currency that has a fast approval speed and is expected to be used for daily payments
BSVA virtual currency that was born by hard forking from BCH
XLMVirtual currency created for the purpose of smooth remittance between individuals and overseas
EOSNo transaction fees and fast transaction speeds
DOTA project cryptocurrency that enables broad blockchain interoperability
BNBCoin of Binance, a major virtual currency exchange
TRXA virtual currency used in a platform that allows creators who produce content to receive appropriate rewards without being exploited by intermediaries.
ADABlockchain interoperability and smart contract functionality

GTi12 trading conditions

Certain conditions are required to actually trade GTi12. Please take this into consideration when deciding whether to trade. The loss cut level for buying and selling is set at 20%, depending on the account type. Margin call is 50%. Of course, a zero cut system will also be used. You can start with a small amount.

Maximum leverage

The maximum leverage is 100x.

GTi12’s leverage also uses a dynamic leverage system, and the leverage changes depending on the transaction amount. It can be operated on a larger scale than exchanges such as Binance. There is some risk, but an active balance can at least make a profit. Scalping and double-edging are also possible.

Trade VolumeMax Leverage

Constituents to be revised

Although there are 12 stocks that make up the GTi12 index above, they are not fixed. Stocks are reviewed quarterly. Constituent stocks are selected based on market capitalization, ranking, liquidity, etc., and are devised so that the trend of the entire virtual currency can be captured.

trading hours

The time you can trade GTi12 will be exactly the same as virtual currency. You can trade 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even very busy people can find time to trade.

swap point

Swap points are variable. Long is -0.011% and short is -0.012%. Minus swap is set for both long and short. So think carefully about whether you want to hold it for the long term.

GTi12 trading benefits

The advantages of trading GTi12 are as follows. Start with the basics, and if you’re worried, simply lower the leverage and trade safely. After that, if you look at the profit and loss and are always able to win, it would be a good idea to adjust at a high price with high leverage, and the environment is better.

Trends in the entire virtual currency market

By trading GTi12, you can see trends in the entire virtual currency market. The GTi12 index is comprised of major crypto stocks and represents the price movements of the entire crypto market. Since you can see the strength and weakness of major currencies, you can also see their current relative strength, making it easier to formulate a trading strategy.

Understand the strength of major virtual currencies

The GTi12 index is comprised of major cryptocurrency stocks, so you can see the current market situation. Along with this, you can also see the current strength of major currencies. It also indicates the direction of the entire virtual currency market.

Characteristics of price movement

The GTi12 index has price movements that are quite close to the virtual currency market. The price movement of GTi12 is also significantly influenced by BTC, so it tends to have a chart shape similar to that of virtual currencies. Also, like the cryptocurrency market, this index is subject to considerable volatility.


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