FXGT: Can’t withdraw money? Real reasons for rejection, explanation of cases and countermeasures


In this article, we will explain whether there are cases in which you cannot safely withdraw money during FXGT trading, the causes and how to deal with them. Once you have actually made a trade and made a profit, you will want to withdraw the funds. However, you may not be able to withdraw money for some reason. And in the case of these brokers, the issue of withdrawal refusal is a concern. Is it possible for a withdrawal to be refused?

Are withdrawal refusals actually happening?

In the FX industry, there are common cases where withdrawals are often refused by any broker. At GT Group, the company will not take the initiative to refuse withdrawals. So far, there have been no cases of withdrawal refusals. However, there are exceptions. That’s when you violate company rules. Please refer to the following article for what kind of prohibitions are included. If any of these apply to you, your account may be frozen. In that case, you have to contact the support center and unfreeze it.

Information is confusing

When I look at X (twitter)’s SNS etc., I get the impression that information is mixed up. It seems that some users are making a fuss because they have created multiple accounts, resulting in a violation and being refused withdrawals. It seems that there are also other users who have been frozen for fraudulent use of bonuses. If you pay attention to the points mentioned above, this probably won’t happen as often. If anything, I think there are many good reviews and there is no risk.

assets are protected

Your assets are always protected by a mechanism called ewallet, so there is no chance of hacking. There is a risk of loss in the market, but your funds are protected. ewallet is said to be safer than other companies in the same industry (titanfx, gemforex, threetrader). Upon investigation, it appears that there is no trust protection at the head office in Seychelles, but there is separate management. There is also a liability insurance system in euros, and there seems to be auditing from a third party.

Solution when you can’t withdraw

As a solution when you are unable to withdraw money, we will introduce the following actual cases. please refer. If you can’t find a solution, we recommend contacting support. Please refer to the article below. We recommend that traders allow high leverage, zero cuts, scalping, double-denomination, etc., but there are cases where stickpay, bitwallet, credit cards, and bank transfers are not possible. Violation of terms and conditions, such as misuse of bonuses, may result in problems with receiving funds and providing services.

Withdrawal rules

The following rules apply to withdrawals: Therefore, please be careful as your withdrawal process will be refused if you do not follow the rules. Please also check the official website and terms of use from My Page.

You can only withdraw to an account with the same name

When making a withdrawal, if the name registered in FXGT and the name registered in the bank account or online wallet to which the withdrawal is made are not the same, the withdrawal will not be possible. Please note that if we cannot confirm that it is the same person, the withdrawal process will be refused. If the IP addresses are different, it is not allowed to operate multiple accounts.

Account activation

When you open an account, you must at least activate it afterwards. This means sending in proof of identity and address. After that, you will not be able to withdraw money until the staff has visually inspected your payment. I have to wait until I submit it and it gets accepted. Financial assets cannot be deposited into the system. This also applies to different services such as those from other companies (XM, Axiory, BigBoss, etc.).

Withdraw using the same method up to the deposit amount

You often don’t think about it when making a deposit, but when withdrawing money, you need to use the same method as the deposit method. This is to prevent money laundering. You can withdraw your profits using any method you like. There are posts and rumors on SNS that question the reliability, but many people do not understand the rules. Even professionals cannot start without basic knowledge of FXGT.

Credit card/debit card authentication

If you wish to withdraw money to a credit or debit card, you will need to pre-authorize your credit or debit card. You will not be able to withdraw money until verification is complete. When using it, even if it is expensive, it will be reflected in about 48 hours, but if there is no response, customers should contact the management from the management screen. There should be no malicious refusals, and you can rest assured that we have obtained a license from the Financial Services Agency.

account freeze

Users who violate any rules may have their accounts frozen. In this case, you won’t even be able to log in, let alone make a withdrawal. In this case, you will need to contact the support center from the page to unfreeze your account. If you commit the corresponding illegal act and do too many, you may not be able to use it again depending on the situation.

Payment on weekends and holidays

If you wish to withdraw money to your bank account, the processing will stop as banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Therefore, you will have to wait until the next business day to process your withdrawal. In the case of virtual currency, if you make a mistake in the address, or if you make a mistake, or if the remittance fails due to negligence, you are responsible for it, so you will be financially responsible. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

bonus withdrawal

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Bonuses only serve as margin when trading. Please also note that the bonus will disappear when you withdraw money. This may lead to loss cuts and bankruptcy. Please resign while holding the position. There is no insurance on investments.

Incorrect remittance address

In the case of virtual currency remittance, if you enter the wrong destination address, you will not be able to withdraw the money. If you do it incorrectly, you will lose the amount you sent, so please make sure to copy and paste instead of typing it manually. Then please contact the support center. In the worst case, your balance could become significantly negative.

Cancellation of withdrawal request

If the withdrawal application procedure has not been completed, you can cancel the withdrawal. However, if the operator has already completed the withdrawal procedure, this is no longer possible. Basically, the speed is fast, so users should not operate from the official version without fully understanding it. If you want to do it safely, ask the staff about any questions you may have and get them resolved before you do it.

Withdraw while holding a position

Withdrawals are possible while holding a position. However, there are conditions, and you can transfer funds up to an amount where the margin maintenance rate after the transfer does not fall below 200%. If you put in a high lot, regulations will be imposed. When funds decrease, a contract is usually executed (loss cut) and there is a possibility that losses may occur. Compensation is not allowed in real life.

Wrong registration of withdrawal destination account

When withdrawing money to a bank account, if you register the wrong account for the withdrawal, the withdrawal process will stop. You will probably be contacted directly by the support center, so please make corrections from the fund management page. Comparatively, both corporations and individuals make mistakes. Investors should ask questions first if they have genuine questions or concerns about financial services. Members receive answers from staff in order.


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