GeneTrade: Thorough explanation of GeneTrade deposit methods


We will explain how to deposit money at GeneTrade. We accept credit cards and online wallets as payment methods. The reflection time is extremely fast, so there is little stress for traders. You may not be able to use the card depending on your credit card company, so please contact each credit card company.

GeneTrade deposit methods and handling methods

GeneTrade officially supports the following three types of deposit methods. Whether you use a credit card (debit card) or an online wallet (Sticpay, bitwallet), it is very convenient because it will be reflected immediately. The minimum deposit amount is 5 dollars in dollar currency and 500 yen in Japanese yen. Please note that while trading can be profitable, there is always risk involved.

Min DepositCommissionCurrency
Credit Card
Debit Card
5$FreeUSD, JPY
Sticpay5$FreeUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HUF, PLN, ZAR
bitwallet5$FreeUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HUF, PLN, ZAR

All fees are free

No other fees are charged for any deposit method. In addition, deposits are reflected immediately, and the funds are immediately reflected in your account, allowing you to place orders. The operating company is also licensed by the Belize Financial Services Authority, so you can feel very safe.

Bank transfer is not supported

Bank transfer is not supported. Most FX companies allow bank transfers, but Genetrade does not. Please use another method, as it is easier to pay by credit card.

Applies to both account types

The details of the deposit method are completely the same for both standard accounts and micro account registration. You can also make a deposit and receive a bonus, so it will be reflected in your balance and you will be able to place lots and trade, which is a good deal.

GeneTrade deposit method flow

We will introduce the latest GeneTrade deposit methods one by one. After logging in to GeneTrade My Page, access and click on the “Deposit” page of your real account. I will explain it on the screen.

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A list of deposit methods will then be displayed, so select your preferred method and click the button.

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How to deposit with VISA/JCB card

Currently, we accept VISA or JCB, and to deposit the card, first enter the deposit amount and click “Continue”. We support USD and JPY.

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Immediate payment will be reflected by entering the card information, verifying it, and making the payment. Expiry date, card number, credit card holder name, CVV2/CVC2/CAV2 are required. The name and GeneTrade account holder must match.

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STICPAY deposit method

For STCPAY, first enter the deposit amount and click “Continue”.

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Enter your STICPAY email address and password and click Login. In other words, you cannot deposit money using this method unless you have an account in advance. Once the input is complete, the deposit will be completed.

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bitwallet deposit method

To deposit to bitwallet, enter the deposit amount and click “Continue”.

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Log in to Bitwallet and confirm the payment information in the same way as STICPAY to complete the payment.

GeneTrade deposit bonus

GeneTrade always offers deposit bonuses. It is recommended because it has a cushion function for up to $5,000. You will receive a bonus whether you deposit by credit card or online wallet. To deposit money, first register a new account. It is mandatory to enter personal information (name, address, date of birth, phone number) and upload identification documents (driver’s license, passport, utility bill). Usually, it can be set up in as little as one day.

Bonus grant rate is 20%

The deposit bonus granted on the official website is 20% of the deposit amount. You can receive an unlimited bonus up to a maximum of $5,000. All eligible accounts and eligible users are all people. In addition to bonuses, there are also limited-time campaigns and promotions.

reflected automatically

The deposit bonus will be reflected automatically after the deposit process is completed. In other words, there is no need to set it on the user’s side, and it is safe because it will automatically be generated as a margin. Also, deposit bonuses are always available. The bonus will be applied whether you deposit small funds or additional funds.

The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Deposit bonuses, like account opening bonuses, cannot be withdrawn. Use your trading funds to increase your margin maintenance rate and prevent loss cuts. Since it has a cushion function, it is possible to make the same investment in multiple accounts with MT4 using only credit.

After withdrawal, the bonus will be completely cancelled.

The full amount of the deposit bonus will be forfeited when a withdrawal request is made using the applicable account number. Regardless of the withdrawal amount, the bonus will disappear when you request a withdrawal. Financial services stocks only support currency pairs and precious metals. Additionally, unauthorized use of bonuses is prohibited. Please check the management guidelines for members.


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