HFM (former HotForex): Demo trading contest features and prizes


HF Markets is one of the most popular Forex companies in the world. One of the reasons why this company is so popular is because there are so many bonuses and events. HF Markets has a demo trade contest, where you can get prize money from 1st to 3rd place.

What is a demo trade contest?

It will be a trading contest held by HF Markets every month. You do not need to use your own funds to compete on a demo account. Therefore, it is an event that even beginners can easily participate in because it can be challenged without risk. Furthermore, since it is held every month, it is an advantage to say that there is a chance to receive a prize every month.

Features of Demo Trade Contest

The features of the demo trade contest are as follows.

Contest period

The contest begins on the 1st of each month and runs until the last day of the month.

contest prize

Prizes will be awarded to the top 1st to 3rd place winners in this contest. Furthermore, the top 10 contestants will be posted on the contest page.


Entry fee

Since this demo trade contest is a contest using a demo account, the advantage is that it does not cost any money. Therefore, it is great that you can feel free to participate.

1 account only

Demo trading contest participants cannot open multiple demo accounts and trade. If you can do this, the one with the most accounts will win. Only one account can be created per person


Leverage in the demo trading contest is set at 200x. For real accounts, you can increase the leverage, but for demo trading contests, the leverage is fixed and users cannot change the rules.

Eligibility for participation

All users with an HFM account are eligible to participate. Therefore, all committee members have trading opportunities. Also, no funds are required for the demo trading contest. Demo trading uses virtual money, so please rest assured that you will not be financially burdened.


At the start of the demo trading contest, all users have a $10,000 margin on their demo trading account. This amount is at a level that allows you to trade discretionarily without any problems even if you increase the lot. The key is to see how you can increase this margin. The rank of the demo trade contest is determined by the profit margin from the margin. Please note that the margin in the demo account is virtual money and cannot be withdrawn.

Account will be deleted after the contest ends

If the demo trade contest ends, the account dedicated to the demo trade contest will be deleted. Please note that you must obtain a contest account and password every month before participating in the demo trade contest.

Demo Trade Contest Participation Eligibility and How to Participate

To participate in demo trading, you must first create a real account. I will explain it in order, but don’t worry, the procedure is very easy.

Open an account

Please start by opening an account. After creating an account, the flow will be to open an account for the demo trade contest.

Opening an account for a demo trading contest

After creating an account, you need to open an account for the demo trading contest. Log in to My Page, then open the HF Markets homepage.

Home Page

Click “Contest” from the “Promotions” menu on the home page. The language can be switched from the upper right screen.

Select “Demo Contest” from the list.

Click “Enter Contest” to complete your entry.

Demo account trading environment and trading conditions

The trading environment of the demo account starts with $10,000 already deposited. Also, please note that the trading conditions are that the leverage is fixed at 200x, and users do not have the right to change it freely.

Cannot withdraw money

A demo account is not cash in the first place, so no matter how much you earn, you cannot make any withdrawals. Therefore, please note that even if you make a profit with a demo account, there will be no actual profit other than the winnings.

How to claim your winnings

If you receive a prize in a demo trade contest, the prize will be reflected in your my wallet. Therefore, by transferring funds from my wallet to your trading account, you will be able to trade with your trading account.

There is also a real trade contest

HFM holds not only demo trade contests but also real trade contests. If you are interested, please refer to the link below.


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